….that one year ago today was when I officially started up my own PF blog.

I was sitting in a hotel room, bored (I was there attending a 3 week training at company headquarters), and we’d been talking about stimulus checks all day long. I had money on my mind. I had already started reading other PF blogs for a little while, and it suddenly occured to me that I should start one too. I thought for a while, and came up with “quarterlife girl” as my name for the time being. I opened up a new gmail account since I knew I had to be anonymous, and then I went over to blogger and started up my blog!!! I wrote an introduction, and I called it a day.

As you probably noticed I’m no longer at blogger. After that day I “thought and thought” about what I wanted to write about next. Nothing came out. My “blog” sat there for a full month without my doing anything. So, I hope you don’t blame me for not counting this as my blog’s true anniversary. It wasn’t until I switched over to WordPress a full month later that any real posts were written, or any comments were made on other blogs with my new address. I’ll be celebrating for real next month, but for now we can have a moment of silence as we give thanks to the day that the idea of “Quarterlife Girl” was born.  😉

Ah, yes….and Happy Valentine’s Day!