The weekend started off with lots of promise. On Friday I stayed in, went out for a run in the neighborhood, and then started baking for my Valentine’s day dessert. Later on in the evening the BF joined me as we kept working on the dessert, only stopping when I was finally so exhausted I went straight to bed. I had a jam-packed day planned the next morning….from going to the bank, stopping by the library, picking up some more candy melts (to finish the dessert), and then heading off to dance class.

Well, at 9am Saturday morning my mom came rushing back from her errand, peeked into my room to say “my aunt is dying.” And with that she rushed back out of the house. Her aunt had been sick for a while, so it didn’t come as a shocking surprise. A short while later I got a phone call from my mom, letting me know that she had just passed away.

At that point I hadn’t done anything for the day, so I just got dressed and head out to her aunt’s house. We spent the rest of the afternoon with family, looking at old pictures and trying to figure out bits of our family history, regretting that no one had ever bothered to write  things down. There is only one surviving sister, and unfortunately her memory comes and goes. Sadly, we realized that with our great-aunt gone a bit of our family history will remain a mystery to all of us.

In the evening though, I still met up with the BF. We haven’t gone “all-out” on Valentine’s day in a while, and with my great-aunt’s passing that morning we were just going to hang out at his house.  He had made me a gift though….homemade brownies!! He said I’d complained that he hadn’t made them for me in a while, so he thought he’d surprise me. (Awww, isn’t he sweet?) A little bit later I made the brilliant suggestion to get some Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream to go with the brownies. His response: “I’m way ahead of you. There’s some in the freezer.” I couldn’t help but laugh…he knows me so well! lol.

The rest of our evening consisted of carryout pizza and watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on TV. After that was over we saw “Singing in the Rain” (one of our favorite movies!) and ate the Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream over a warm brownie. Overall a very good night.


So even though the day contained some misfortune, it was a memorable Valentine’s day. My great-aunt had been suffering some time from colon cancer and her pain finally came to an end. As her sister said it so well “at least she passed on a beautiful day….’The Day of Love and Friendship'”. We have a close family, and its so nice to see how everyone comes together when someone is in need. As when my grandfather passed away last year we spent that afternoon not mourning, but celebrating life, and the legacy they left behind.