…but a minimal budget. I currently have slighly over $300 in my travel fund. By April I’ll have $500.

I haven’t been giving much priority to the thought of traveling. First there was the reminder that my lease would be ending soon and I’d need a car, then there’s my insistence on buying a place before I turn 25 (and while the market conditions are lining up), and then there’s my fear that all will come apart once I buy the aforementioned house and the need for a year’s worth of expenses saved up. Most of my extra money is accounted for, and what’s left for “vacations” isn’t as much (about $16 a week?)

Lately I’ve found myself with the travel bug though. $500 isn’t much, but I think we can do something with that….but what? It would need to cover both myself and the BF, so that limits things a good bit.

Here are a few things I’ve come up with:

Camping. This would cover our basic equipment (I think) since we’d be keeping it simple and local (it doesn’t get very cold around here) and it would have to cover gas. My only problem with this….well, I’m not a very outdoorsy gal, so it makes me a bit apprehensive that I’ll have to plan it myself (the BF is NOT good at planning). So what equipment do I really need? Where are we going to go? Am I going to get mauled by wildlife? Do I really have to pee in the woods?!

Semi-local beachy weekend. There’s tons of beaches in our state (um, we live in Florida). It’d be relatively easy to pick a city, rent a cabin/cottage or hotel by the water and spend a relaxing long weekend by the water, possibly canoeing or doing the outdoorsier things the BF has been wanting to do. (I think this is a happy medium between a full on “vacation” and the camping.) Only question now….what city?

Road trip. This one leaves things wide open, and could probably be fun….but we’d need to cover gas, hotel stays (meaning we’d have to stay at cheap motels), and food. Most importantly, I have NO idea where to start on putting together a plan, so I’d need to do some extensive research.

Fly somewhere on the cheap. I’ve been dying to go to Washington DC, but the BF has been there and he didn’t sound as thrilled as I am about it. Maybe I shouldn’t go with him and instead go with my mom or sister? What other places are cheap to fly to, and not that expensive once you get there? Oh yeah, and we both need to get there and back with $500, and be able to eat and sleep indoors in between. (hah!)

Cruise. I haven’t done any research in a while, but I have a feeling that $500 wouldn’t cover this. I may be wrong. Anyone know?

Forget about the vacation and wait until I have more money. That’s always an option, and I think its what I might do before we try flying anywhere. I still want to go somewhere with the BF though.

 I’m open to suggestions. 
Another thing I’m doing now is trying to come up with an outline of what I need to account for when planning a vacation anywhere. Its been so long since I’ve planned any travels that I’m really rusty!  So far I have:

-Misc. (souvenirs, admission for any place we go into)

Any advice or suggestions?