Its no secret that home prices are going way down. Here in our city….they’re going WAY down. (Which is nice for me, because I’ve actually seen pretty nice townhouses for under $200,000!!) I tend to keep an eye out for properties even though in the back of my mind the thought of buying still freaks me out at times.

So, for several weeks now I’ve been taking an alternate route home from my dance classes, and week after week I’ve kept looking at a townhouse with a sign in front of it.


I’m not that naive, and I didn’t imagine that the townhouse would cost under $200k….but that didn’t stop me from secretly hoping it was.

Well, on a whim (ok, it was driving me crazy…I had to find out!!) I went onto the broker’s website and searched for the property before asking my real estate agent to look it up for me or make phone calls. I did my usual searches, but upped the price limit a little “Minimum $0 – $250,000 maximum” and I pressed the “search” button. Except….hmmm, peculiar….it wasn’t popping up!

I decided to change the number of bedrooms to “Any” (I didn’t know how many it’d have) and refreshed the search results. I didn’t realize it at the time but I had also removed the “Maximum” house amount.

Well, to make an already long story a little less long I found the property. Its price was…..wait for it….$399,000!!! (And yes, that’s a picture of it right up there.)

Now, for those of you in expensive areas that might be old news, but I thought the $300,000 townhouses were a thing of the past! I suppose I’ve gotten used to seeing so many cheap foreclosure properties that a regular priced one caught me off guard.

Anyway, just thought I’d share that story with you all.