What a week it has been! I feel like I’ve been driving all week, culminating in a 250 mile drive (round trip) to visit a client today. [sigh] I look forward to a restful weekend with minimal driving.

As for my spending, I managed to keep the majority of my money this week!!

2/13 Deposit $63.00
2/14 McDonald’s $2.14 ($60.86 left)
2/16 Moe’s $6.38 ($54.48 left)
2/19 McDonald’s $3.21 ($51.27 left)

Woo-whee! That’s the most money I’ve had leftover in a long time! The great part is that I already know what I’m using that leftover money for (wait…maybe that’s not such a good thing? lol)…the belly dance choreography class! As long as there’s still room in the class I’m signing up tomorrow when I go for my regular class. I’m so excited!!!

As for the rest of the weekend…well, I don’t have overly exciting plans. I need to get my affairs in order in my bedroom though, my laundry has become a real mess. I’ve also started to get serious again in my house hunting and there are a good number of houses I’m interested in visiting! I’m such a difficult client, but I’m trying hard to remain calm and open-minded (I tend to clam up when I don’t think others are “understanding” me). As I mentioned before, I have my final belly dance class for the 8-week session on Saturday. I’m so excited!! Saturday afternoons have become the highlight of my week….

I also want to do some more planning for my budding business. I checked out a few books about starting a business from the library, but I unfortunately haven’t had a chance to crack them open yet. I better get on that!!! I also want to get some free business cards from vistaprint so I can start spreading the word, but eventually I want to get a logo designed. I figure it would be worth a little extra to get that personalization. Any of you know of a graphic designer that can help me out on the cheap?

Have a great weekend everyone!!