I accidentally stimulated the economy this weekend. Well, “accidentally” is a bit strong a word, but I surely wasn’t intending to when Saturday came around!

I started by attending my last belly dancing class and I was pleased to find out I was passed onto the next level! As I had promised myself I went ahead and signed up. That was $130. I also did a bit of asking about the upcoming workshop ($55), and I decided to sign up as well! Through the “extra fun money” I’ve been accumulating I finally had enough. Total: $185.00.

I later decided to accompany my mom to pick up some papers she had left at her office. The catch: my mom works for an eye wear designer and their retail store is right next to the office. We peeked into the store (big mistake) and they were having an incredible sale: 2 for $50 each, or 1 for $75. These frames usually run from $300 to $500!!! I ended up getting my aunt a pair of glasses for her belated birthday (my mom got another pair for herself, making the total for those $50), and I also got a pair of sunglasses for myself and a pair for the BF for his upcoming birthday. I can’t wait to wear mine!! They’re nothing like any other pair I have, but I have to wear my contacts in order to see while I’m wearing them. Total: $160.50. (But $107 will come out of my gift fund.)

Total for the weekend: $345.50

I’ll stop at that, and consider the economy stimulated.