Some people make it very difficult to work with them.

A little bit about me at work….I’m what most would call easy to work with. I’m very diplomatic, professional, and I take directions. Its VERY hard to get me to lose my cool at work.

The most important quality (if you ask me) for a leader is to be able to keep their cool in stressful situation, particularly when there is a deadline coming up. In these situations, the rest of us don’t need to sense your nerves….its not very good for team morale. Fake it, buddy.

I also don’t believe in doing work twice. Now WHY would I go ahead and print everyone’s reports from the drive, when I don’t know if they’re done, and if they’re anything like me (or like you) they’re still making changes and will be doing so until its their time to report. Also, do I really need to shuffle through all their papars to find what I think might be their backup for their reports? Why don’t we just let them bring their final copies with them? Do we NEED to kill 10 trees in the process? (Guess so, because that’s what I was ordered to do, and so that’s what I’m doing.)

I don’t know, I guess I’m not as good at keeping my personal feelings at bay as I thought I was. This guy (the lead on this proposal) strikes a nerve for some reason, and as hard as I’m trying it stillĀ gets to me…..I guess until now I hadn’t really been faced with a co-worker that grated my nerves quite as much. (I guess that’s where the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” came from? lol)

Anyway, back to printing….now I have formatting issues to deal with…[sigh]