Another not-so-great month as far as goals go. In general I felt pretty good about the month, but I think that mainly has to do because I was able to get my weekly spending down, and so I had plenty of “fun money” left over for “extra fun” things. lol.

February Goals

1. Finish reading one new book that I already own. I actually accomplished this fairly early on in the month and I ended up reading THREE books! “The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl”, “Six Great Sherlock Holmes Stories”, and “Rich Like them”. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them, and I can’t believe I went on for so many years without reading for fun!! I was such a book worm when I was younger!! This goal is most definitely staying.

2. Run 3 times a week, and complete another workout once a week. Umm….I’m sad to call this a big FAT FAIL. I’ve been running, but not exactly 3 times a week (closer to two, but the average may be even lower). Other than my dance class I haven’t done any exercise in addition to running. I need to work on this.

3. Limit eating out at work to once a week. Again, not so great with this one. The good news is that my eating out after work has gone down, which I’m assuming in why I was able to fall below my weekly spending every week.

4. Complete 2 of my “25 goals”. Hm, another FAIL. However I should be doing a few of these in the near future, including the Winery, the causeway run, and a few museums.

5. Sort through my CD collection, and purge accordingly. Again, a FAIL. This is harder than it seems!! Plus, I have to dig around in my car and figure out where all the actual CDs are. (So far I only looked through their empty cases.)


I’m not unhappy with how February went, I’m only disappointed I didn’t focus on ALL of my goals (instead of just reading). I have high hopes about March though! For some reason I think of green when I think of March (hmm, maybe because of St. Patrick’s?), and green makes me think “fresh”,  and that makes its seem like a perfect month for some good progress!! Here are my goals…

March Goals

1. Finish reading three books from my collection. I’m going to need to read three a month to make my goal of reading all my books before my birthday. I’m thinking I’ll make it a Philip Pullman month: The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass, and The Tin Princess. So far I’ve started reading the Subtle Knife and I’m almost halfway through…..after only one day of reading!!

2. Save an EXTRA $130 for belly dancing. Yes, I said I’d add this to my budget, and I did….however that is for my regular 8-week courses. I want to enroll in a special choreography course later in March and I believe its going to be $130. This will come from my “extra” fun money, so it means I’ll need about $33 a week. (And as of yesterday I already have $36.15!)

3. Go through my “office supplies” and determine what I really need. Get rid of stuff until it all fits (organized!) in one drawer. Do I really need all those notebooks, paper, and pencils? Probably not.

4. Have a pretty solid plan for my bakery business. I’m not 100% sure what that entails, but I need to find out, and then execute it. This week I’ve been working on a cost analysis (not even sure if its necessary, but its been fun so far!), and I’d like to get a price list going. After that, I’ll start on a brochure! Weee!! lol. (Or not, I really should start reading that business book I got from the library.)

I have an action packed month in front of me, and I’m really excited about it!! Can you even believe its going to be March?!

Have a great weekend!