On Friday night the BF and I finally went to the free Jazz concert that the Art Museum hosts each month for free. I’ve been wanting to go for a while, but I’m always hesitant on trying new things (because, what if it sucks?!). Fortunately, it was free, it didn’t suck, and the BF and I had a really good time. It didn’t hurt that the band was great too. We did notice one thing though….there was nearly no one our age there!! There were a few teenagers sitting on the grass when we arrived, but other than that the audience was full of older people!

This isn’t the first time its happened. When I got free tickets to see another concert (the concert wasn’t free for the others) the crowd was full of old folk. When we went to see Avenue Q in another city the concert hall was also full of old people (eventually we saw the “young people”….they were up in the cheap seats where we were seated, lol.) When I used to volunteer at the Arts Center (in order to watch shows for free) the rest of the volunteers were…..you guessed it, old people!!

Now, I don’t want you to think that I don’t like old people or anything, its just that I always feel incredibly out of place for some reason. Plus it brings me to question….are we really that lame? lol. I suppose on a Friday night others our age might be at a Happy Hour or something, or maybe getting ready to head out to the clubs, but I’m sure there are other cultured 20-somethings that would enjoy a good jazz concert for free. Right? Maybe they don’t know about these free events, while I’m just bordering on obsessive when it comes to finding out about all the free stuff in the city? Maybe our city is just that much more full of older people? I don’t know what it is, lack of interest or lack of awareness?

What do you think? Do you go to free events in your city, and do you ever find yourself in the same situation? (Or quite possibly is it just that the BF and I are lame? lol)