One of the easiest way to watch your money disappear without realizing it is to eat out at work. It’s a constant struggle for me, as I’m sure it is for many others. With so many great restaurants just outside the office, delicious food, co-workers enticing you to join them, and preferring to sleep than wake up early (or stay up late) to prepare lunch for the next day, there are certainly plenty of incentives to forget about brown-bagging anything!

That being said….its amazing how much money I save when I don’t eat out, even just a few days each week. Even when I eat out I try and make an effort to go somewhere that I’ll be able to eat for two days. At Moe’s a regular burrito lasts me two days, I just make sure to kindly ask for LOTS of chips to help fill me up a bit more. When I go to Subway I’d rather pay an extra dollar for the $5 footlong, and I eat that over two days. I generally don’t go to Burger King, because if I get my usual order (a whopper or a big fish combo) its not enough for two days (unless I order $2 worth of food from the dollar menu, lol).

Anyway, enough babble. My point is I’ve been making a more conscious effort lately to bring food with me from home, but I’m running out of ideas on what to bring!!

We usually have raviolis at home, and those are an easy option to bring. Just boil for 10 minutes, drain the water, sprinkle some parmesan herb mix and put in a container. Lunch is ready! But there is such a thing as too much ravioli (twice a week is my max).  I’m also an excellent sandwich maker (well, I just like them simple). However this doesn’t feel as nutritious, and I’m trying to stay away from deli meats. I also used to LOVE anything tuna. However the taste of refrigerated tuna is seriously making me hate it. I’ll leave the tuna for home.  So….what does that leave?

Some of you might laugh at my lack of imagination, so if you’re laughing, can you please offer me some suggestions? 🙂

Usually I’d say beggars can’t be choosy, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) It needs to be portable (soups are generally hard for me to transport without leaks)

2) Extra points if it doesn’t require “cooking”

3) Needs to be able to be eaten cold, or microwaved in whatever tupperware I take with me (I’m not going to be breaking out any dinnerware at work! hehe)

So, what are some suggestions for quick and easy lunches to eat at work?