…mainly, my retirement funds.

This will be quick, just because I don’t really want to dwell on the doom for too long. If you haven’t noticed, its been MONTHS since I last did a Net Worth update. The practice is kind of pointless since the numbers don’t mean much to me and if you consider that I only really did it in the first place to force myself to keep looking at my investments. So, here it is….

First, my 401(k):
Balance as of 1/1/09 was $7,034.31
Balance as of 3/9/09 is $6,146.91
Growth: -15.4%

Next, the Roth IRA:
Total contributed since 7/16/07: $2,100.00
Balance as of 3/9/09: $1,465.55
(Um, OUCH!)

Definitely major losses on both. However, as someone that likes to sleep at night and wake up without any new grays I allow myself to remain somewhat detached from these numbers, and I like to remind myself I haven’t really “lost” any money….my investments are just worth a little less right now. Since I won’t be selling them for a while it won’t affect me until then.

Things might get worse for a little while, but they’re bound to go up eventually…..even if it takes another 20 years. Hey, I’ve got time! And even if they don’t, well, in that case I’ve got bigger things to worry about and why bother worrying about it now. 😉

(I almost forgot to include this nifty graph they provided me with on the website for my Roth IRA. The top line shows my contributions and the bottom one is the value of my investments. I think its super cool, too bad its all red though…)