At about 7:45 pm last night the BF calls me “I think I need a new shirt, you want to come with me to the mall?” Immediately that conjured up thoughts of Nine West, and their new rewards plan, but seeing what the time was I got that out of my head. “Oh, what the heck….sure, I’ll go with you!” (Mind you, I’d just gotten out of the shower after a workout, had no intentions of putting on makeup, and just grabbed whatever clothes I had at hand and head out the door. I didn’t even brush my hair, lol.)

Once we got to the mall I couldn’t contain myself….I went off to Nine West while the BF went to Express. “I’ll just be a minute” I told him. Anyway, the sales there were disappointing. I thought they wanted to move merchandise!! A measly 25% wasn’t going to do it for me. (Considering I don’t really need shoes right now.) I stayed 10 minutes at most and went back with the intention to join the BF.

On my way back, however I saw something interesting in the window at The Limited: “Buy one get one free….ALL MERCHANDISE” WHAT?!!! Now that sounds like a sale.

And yes, ladies, it was all buy one get one free. No catch.

I’d been needing pants for work for a while now, so I tried on a few. In the end I found a black pair for $59.90 and another brown pinstriped pair which I also thought were $59.90. (They ended up being $80, which isn’t a terrible deal either for two pants….or so I tell myself.) I also tried on a few (dozens) of tops and bought two, one for $25 and the other for $20….I paid $25 for both.

Luckily I had gotten to the store with maybe 45 minutes to shop. If I had stayed for longer who knows what additional damage I would’ve done, but if you need to do some shopping I really recommend you step in and take a look at what they’ve got!!!

The lowlight of the evening was realizing I just plopped down $100 of money I hadn’t budgeted for shopping, and then arriving home to realize I had one of those mailers for $30 off $100 purchase. I’m not sure it would’ve applied, but I’m going to go back to the store and see if I can use it during this sale. If so, I’m buying those pants again and returning the pants I originally bought. Hey, its worth a shot! (And if it works, $30 is a pair of pants!!! I doubt they’d apply it to the sale though).