It feels like it was only a matter of time before it made a comeback. =[ 

I went back to The Limited on Thursday in the hopes that the Buy one get one Free sale was still going on. It wasn’t. They’d replaced it with a Buy Two get One Free. Oh well.

I didn’t return my pants….I was too lazy to figure out a coupon strategy that would enable me to keep the same clothes with the cheapest outcome. Instead I looked around and found a top that I liked and a skirt that I liked. The problem: I had only two items….I was missing out on a deal! I ended up getting two shirts ($29.50 each), and a skirt that was on clearance ($25). I was going to be able to use my $15 coupon (it would’ve been $30 had I spent $100, but I’d already spent that much the other day [sigh].)  So in total I got 3 items for $42! (The cashier made a mistake and discounted the $29 shirt instead of the $25 pants. I didn’t notice until later!)

So, let’s summarize….I got two pairs of pants (retailing for $79 and $59), two shirts (retailing for $25 and $20), two more shirts ($29 each), and a skirt ($25). The “regular price” would have been $266! Instead I paid $139. That’s over half off! With 7 items that is an average of $20 per item. (I love deluding myself with math.)

And that is how my personal debt came back. I’ve added the progress to my sidebar, and as soon as the choreography class is saved for and paid (I already charged it, now I just need to actually “accumulate” that amount so I can call it even….yet another version of personal debt to myself) I will tackle this personal debt head on in the same manner.

I almost forgot to mention that I paid for the initial purchase (the $106) with a $25 Amex rewards card. That’s why my personal debt is only $123 as opposed to $148.

Luckily I have another gift card coming my way!!! This time for $50 for filling out a survey at work. If I can use that towards something I have already budgeted for (like my running shoes….since I already have that money aside in my bank account), then I can knock off $50 from my personal debt (by using my bank account to pay for it, and paying for the shoes with the gift card). Makes sense, right?

Now I just have to stay away from the numerous Macy’s sales they keep sending me email about.