This morning I received my $50 American Express gift card at work. WHOO-HOO!! I’m so excited….I love getting “free money”!

The next question is: what do I spend it on?! I have so many things I want to buy, none of them necessary, but all of them would be welcome additions at home. I already have my mind half made up, but it isn’t the most fun option.

Option 1: Running shoes. I’m hoping these will remain under $80, as that is how much I’ve had alloted for this purchase. My plan would include going to a running store to get their recommendations, and then searching online. If I spend the GC at I get 20% off! (I haven’t checked if they have running shoes there though.)

Option 2: Use it to eat out! There’s a list I’ve been accumulating on places I want to go eat….from that restaurant by the river (that we never seem to find time to go to), the restaurant by work with the really cool looking balcony, or a visit to the winery. All things we keep putting off to avoid spending the money. Well, that, and we never seem to get out of the house anymore….I’d like an excuse to dress up!

Option 3: An assortment of goodies!

A: Pizza Peel (about $30 on Amazon) Not a NEED, but definitely needed to use the pizza stone I got for my birthday last summer. They’re supposed to be excellent (both the stone and the peel) for making bread at home too!

B: Creme Brulee torch ($20?) I can check on Amazon, but at Bed Bath and Beyond I can get it for $16 after the coupon. Again, not needed, but I’d like to make the BF some creme brulee for his birthday next month.

C: Random items trailing on my “to buy” list. Such as that 9 volt battery, light bulbs for my room, etc.

 Right now I’m leaning towards running shoes. They’re the closest thing to a need, and they’ve been on my list since August. I just haven’t made the time to go get them. Plus, if I spend the $50 on the shoes I can apply the money I’d saved for them to my personal debt (which has increased due to my going over my gas allowance for the month. [sigh]). It is definitely the more responsible move, I suppose.

What would you do with an extra (and Free) $50?