Some more free money is coming my way. It is from work yet again, this time we are being encouraged to participate in the health fair. As long as I’m in the office that day (and hopefully I will be) I am so there! The prize: a $30 gift certificate!

Here’s the catch (for me, at least, its a catch): we have to decide where we want to use it. The choices are Target (I love target!!), Whole Foods (I could so use this to indulge in all sorts of goodies I wouldn’t normally want to spend money on!), or Sports Authority (with the $50 gc and this one I could get my shoes there and then apply a full $80 to my Personal Debt! But its somewhat of a gamble if I don’t like their prices or if I can’t find what I need there. Then I’ll end up having to buy some workout gadgets. Mmmm…that doesn’t sound too bad, actually, lol.). Or GNC, but I wouldn’t really use it there.

So, help me out here….what should I do? Be reasonable with Sports Authority? Or go for the indulgence, aka Whole Foods?


Ideally, to arrive to an educated conclusion I would immediately embark on a full-fledged research mission. If I wasn’t so lazy, that is. Who knows…I may find myself totally inspired. So here’s what I’d do….

1) Go pick up my race day packet (yeah, hadn’t mentioned I needed to do this, but I do) at the specialty shoe store. Get fitted for shoes and get recommendations.

2) Research the recommendations online. Take note of prices.

3) Go to Sports Authority and see if they carry any of the recommendations (or check out their website?)

4) Based on my price findings select accordingly. If they have the shoes I want at Sports Authority at a winning price, get the SA gift card. (And surrender the chance to indulge in delicious, fattening goodies at Whole Foods.) If the shoe selection or pricing is horrendous (or if I can find a better price elsewhere), go for Whole Foods!

Sounds simple enough, right? hehe.

Now, let’s just hope my boss doesn’t get picky and make me miss the Health Fair by making me be in the wrong offices on the wrong days, lol. I may laugh now, but its very possible, and I would be very sad. They’re having snacks, raffles, and giveaways, dangit!!! Not to mention the numerous screenings and informations they’ll be giving out. Nope, I’ll be in my office all week long! Yay! No lengthy commutes to HQ.

Snacks, raffles, and giveaways….here I come!!