Last week my cousins came over to our house. We were just hanging out when they mentioned that they were giving away their “Fatboy” (a super huge bean bag). Immediately my eyes opened up…I love sitting on that chair when I go to their house!! Whoo! A free Fatboy!

They went on and explained that somehow their Fatboy had gotten a hole in it. They called the manufacturer about it, and they were sent a new one. They weren’t sent a return slip with it, and so my cousins were “stuck” with this old one and they were looking for someone who would give it a new home. I didn’t mind fixing it, so I said I’d take it!!

That’s when I found out what the catch was….when the Fatboy had initially broken it lost half its “beans”. A refill would cost $100. (WHAT?!!) Although my cousin knew a place that I could get a refill for $55.

Hmm. $55? Its not bad for what is normally a $230 chair (or even a $100 refill)….but its $55 I don’t have (and/or I’m not willing to part with at the moment, lol).

So I was “stuck”  with a not so fat Fatboy that wasn’t completely free afterall(although technically I can pass it onto someone that wouldn’t mind paying the $55), and not completely sure about what to do . Either way first thing would be to attempt to fix it and see if its repairable. I’m fairly certain it is….nothing a few stiches, some patches, and maybe some more “creativity” couldn’t fix. How hard can that be?

Once that is taken care of I’d have to decide….1) do I really want to pay $55? Not really. I’m assuming there’s nothing particularly special about the beans that go into it, they’re probably just like any other beanbag beans. With that answer….2) is there some other way I can still make it “work?”  I considered buying a cheap-o beanbag and take its beans to fill the Fatboy, but it turns out they can run from $20-$50.

In the end I did a few quick searches and happened to find a website that sells “beans”. (Turns out you call them “beads” not “beans”, silly me.) These beads range from $33 to $17.50 for 9 cubic feet. Provided shipping isn’t too expensive, it sounds like a winner!!

So, it looks like I’m going to have to spend money on this Fatboy if I’m going to keep it. But the good thing is that for now I can keep it unfilled in its box until I actually have room to put it somewhere. Oh, right….I didn’t mention that part, did I? I have absolutely no room for it right now, so I’ll have to keep it stored until I move out into my own place. Maybe its a good thing they lost half the beans?

 Although my cousins would’ve taken back the chair (or I could still give it to anyone else that might want it, as per their words) I would’ve felt a little embarrassed giving it back, even though that’s what I was tempted to do when I found out about the beads!!! Lesson learned, don’t accept anything for “free” until you’ve heard the whole story, lol. 

 Have any of you ever accepted something for free only for it to turn out to be “not-so-free” (because of needed repairs or maintenance or whatnot)?