I actually went grocery shopping last weekend, with the hopes that I would be buying things to make lunch for the week. Somehow I didn’t really have anything on my list I could cook with…other than pasta. Hmm, I have to do better with this planning. I got some good suggestions from my post about brown-bagging, so I have to sit down and map out some lunches. It really shouldn’t be as complicated as it feels it is, lol.

That being said, I still had money leftover this week, although not as much as I needed to complete my goal!

3/13 Deposit $63.00
3/14 Taco Bell $3.29 ($59.71 left)
3/15 Groceries $22.89 ($36.82 left)
3/16 Moe’s $6.38 ($30.44 left)
3/18 Subway $5.35 ($25.09 left)

An extra $25.09 brings me to….($96.10 + $25.09 = ) $121.19!!! Only $8.81 left to save for my choreography class!!!

I didn’t include this in my spending recap, but I managed to go to Sports Authority on Wednesday to see if it was worth getting that Sports Authority Gift Card (versus Whole Foods or Target). I tried on running shoes for at least an hour, and in the end the pair that fit me best was a pair of Nike’s that were on sale for $49.99. Perfect! I decided to take them then and there with the $50 gift card I had already been given. The purchase went only slightly over the $50 GC, but it still left me with $26.51 from my $80 budget.

With the leftover $26.51 from my shoe budget I am thinking of getting a Road ID. If you have experience using a Road ID, please stop by my other blog and give me some advice! Or feel free to email or comment here as well…)

On another note, I spoke to the BF and while we’ve still been eating lots of fast food (albeit less than before) we haven’t been going to out restaurants very often. There are so many new restaurants I’d like to visit, but I never find the time or money. We’re going to try and go to a new one each month though, and perhaps this weekend will be the first? I’ve been wanting to go to either that restaurant by the river, or the one by work. We’ll see what happens.

This weekend is pretty wide open for me as far as plans go. Tonight I don’t really have plans. I need to go for a run, but after that I’m free. On Saturday I have my dance class, and then later on that day I have to go to bed early to prepare for my 5k on Sunday morning!! After the 5k I’m free, until I have to go to bed again for work the next day.