Anyone that knows me (and has taken a minute to look at my desk at work or look into the little planner I carry with me) knows that I love making lists. I actually feel empowered by knowing exactly what’s on my plate, what I’d like to get done…its all at my fingertips and I don’t have to wrack my brain trying to remember what that “thing” was that I had to get done. I can be a little extreme and try to plan out every single thing I’m going to do (although when I do that I inevitably fail….so I don’t always make the attempt), but for the most part I think its a huge help.

I always try to make a list for the next day every afternoon before I leave work. I also try and make one throughout the day as I remember important things I need to do that night after work, and if I need to follow a certain time schedule (like, get everything done before Lost comes on at 9!). And lately I’ve been experimenting with my weekly lists.

weeklyplan1 That’s my “list” for this week.

I forgot where I saw the idea for my three main categories, but when I saw it I loved it (I think it was on someone’s blog….sorry I forgot whose!). They had a list of goals broken down between “Health, Wealth, and Happiness”. So I stole it!

As you can see from my list, for “health” I usually remind myself to workout and list what I’m doing each day, and sometimes I include recipes I need to make (or notes reminding me to eat at home!). For “wealth” I list any items I need to take care of that relates to my money (including taxes right now, and setting up financing for my car!). “Happiness” is everything else. If I need to practice my dancing it goes there, or cleaning up my room, or reading a book.

At the bottom of my list I also keep track of any groceries or random items I need to buy. All of this is handwritten on scraps of paper.(I don’t know if it comes from my being cheap, or my feeling guilty for the amount of paper that is wasted (both when I was in school and now at work) that I always keep a pile of paper that I cut into squares for things like this. I love making “recycled notepads”! lol.)

So there you have it! And now you know what I need to get done this week too, lol. Its a bit messy but it gets the job done. In the spots where I list out each day of the week I either check the day off when I get it done, or X it if it doesn’t get done.

I’ve had people make fun of me and my obsession with lists, but that doesn’t bother me too much. 😉 I know how my mind works, and if I don’t have things down on paper I’ll be too worried about forgetting them to focus on anything else.