Another week gone by. And a good one, as far as my money goes. (Work is another thing. The stuff going on in my head….yet another thing.) I managed to keep 67.5% of the money I allow myself for the week, and if you consider that one purchase was for the BF, and another wasn’t actually something I bought….well, I consider that to be really good!

3/20 Deposit $63.00
3/22 Choreography Course $7.13* ($55.87 left)
3/22 Office Depot $6.41** ($49.46 left)
3/24 Subway $6.84 ($42.62 left)

*In looking at my spreadsheets, I had actually applied some of the leftover money I had from my cellphone bill, making the amount of money left for my choreography course slightly less than I thought! As of last week I still needed $8-something, so I decided to pay for it at the beginning of the week as opposed to the end. Now I can officially consider the class PAID FOR! Now, onto saving up for the costume, lol. (Oh, right….and paying off that personal debt…)

**This was a purchase I made for the BF. Bubble wrap for sending off some stuff in the mail.

This weekend I’m using my leftover money differently. I’m taking the BF out to dinner!! It feels like we haven’t gone out to a real restaurant in AGES, so I’m more than happy to treat him….plus I love to dress up!! I doubt it’ll be under $42.62, so the remainder will come from next week’s budget. Mmm….yummy food… (man, this whole delayed gratification stuff really works! I don’t remember getting this excited about eating out before!)

As for the rest of the weekend….tonight, I’m going to see if I can get out of work ontime and make it over to the botanical garden where they’re having a reception for the latest art installment. Then we’ll see what’s going on at home. I’ll probably just stay in the rest of the night, although I’m thinking about having hotdogs for some reason. Or maybe I’ll bake. (Hmm, I also have that Whole Foods gift card I can use….)

On Saturday I’ve got a dance class. In the morning before that I think I’ll do some laundry….I keep two baskets (one for whites, another for darks) and they’re BOTH full!! I say its time! I had a lot of fun (relatively, lol) last Saturday playing my music while sorting through old papers and getting rid of garbage. I may go for a repeat. Its amazing what a difference some upbeat music can do for your mood. I always seem to forget about that…

Saturday night is when I’m thinking I’ll go out to eat with the BF.

Sunday….is wide open. It’d probably be a good day to finish up taking inventory and organizing my paperwork to file my taxes. I can’t wait to find out if I’m getting a refund!! I already have plans, depending on how much it is. First on the list is to pay back my mom for a plane ticket she bought me last year: $350 or so. Next I’m putting some aside for dance classes and/or costuming: $200?. If I make it that far, the rest will go into my Efund, or I’m debating starting the Lasik fund in the event I ever decide to go for it. I’ll be disappointed if its less than $400-500, but if that happens I have to remind myself that it wasn’t free money in the first place. lol. AND I’ll force myself to pay my mom back right away, no matter what.

I hope your weekend is productive and/or enjoyable….I’m hoping mine is both this time around!