I recently heard about Swaptree and I thought I’d give it a try. The part that drew me to Swaptree in the first place, and what differentiated it from other sites (like Paperbackswap), was that they accept more than just books!! They have books, CD’s, DVD’s, and even video games!!! You can trade anything….a game for a book, a CD for a DVD, etc. I have a few books I wanted to sell, but didn’t get any offers on Amazon or Half, and I have a few CD’s I should be sorting through any minute now (ha! that’s harder than it sounds!)

In theory I think its a great service. You post the items you want to trade, post the items you’d like, and there you go! That’s it! They even dig up all the information about your items based on ISBN numbers, and you only have to pick the condition. Their website seems pretty easy to use, and overall I’d say its great if you have some things you wouldn’t mind trading.

My only problem with Swaptree isn’t really Swaptree’s problem. It’s me. I don’t really want anything I’ve seen, and paying even $2 (for shipping my item) for something I don’t really want that much and will just be more clutter. I’m not holding it against them, I just don’t really think I’ll be using it as enthusiastically as I thought.

Now, it may be because I don’t have too many things listed, or the items I’m getting rid of don’t excite the owners of things that I would probably like….so the selection on there is not that extensive. It could also be because Swaptree’s a relatively new service (I think) and there aren’t as many members as a more established site would have. Either way, stop by, check it out….and look for me! QLgirl is my username. You can also give me your email address and I’ll send you an invite. You can earn free shipping labels with referrals! 

For me, for now….I think I’ll just be giving away my books and CDs unless some great item shows up in my “want” list. I really don’t need any “new” stuff. (So look me up, and if you see any books of mine that you’d like, I might be willing to send them over to you if you cover just the shipping. Or who knows…maybe you have something I would like? Email me if you’re interested.)

Have you used Swaptree? Do you use any other “exchange” type websites I ought to check out?