I’ve decided to NOT buy the necklace, or the ring, or the other necklace….I must have been tired last night (therefore more susceptible to this stuff), because this morning they’ve lost their luster. =[   Still cute, but I read one of the descriptions more carefully and the pendant was smaller than what I had envisioned. Not quite as impacting at that size.

Either way, I think I’ll be happier buying that pizza stone or the creme brulee torch.


I’m fighting the urge to go on a mini shopping spree on Etsy right now. There’s a cute necklace for $20,another for $21,  a cute ring for $23, and so many more possibilites on their site!!!

I’m telling myself I’ll sleep on it, and if I still want the necklace tomorrow morning I’ll get it during my lunch break (if it hasn’t been sold by then!! [crossing fingers]).

Is it just me, or do any of you love the feeling of discovering a new jewelry designer (or artist, etc. ) that seems to have a bunch of items that just call out your name?!! (That necklace and ring are SO me!!) I’m generally drawn to unique items that I haven’t seen anywhere else, and Etsy’s a pretty good place to find that!  Unfortunately this leaves me fighting myself to control my spending, lol.

Maybe just one necklace wouldn’t hurt?

To be continued…