It feels like a Monday morning.

We spent ALL DAY yesterday preparing a presentation for a new client, and this morning our project manager and execs and whatnot head out to actually make the presentation. I really, really, REALLY hope we get this client. That would secure my job for 18 months!!! (At the least). In this industry, in this day and age….that’s a nice job guarantee. [sigh] A girl can hope, right? (I really hope they let us know soon too…..the last big client we presented to STILL hasn’t let us know who they’ve chosen to go with. Well, at least that’s what they say…. we’re pretty much assuming they aren’t going to select us. Besides, I think this contract is longer.)

Anyway, in honor of my faux-Monday, and the last day of March here’s a summary of a few thoughts that are going on in my head…. 

-I finally wrote my mom a check for that money I owed her. $439 in total, but $317 or so hadn’t been accounted for in my budget yet. My tax refund better be at least $300 so I can repay my checking account!! I really felt guilty that I had let that debt sit there for almost a whole year….I’d practically forgotten about it!! (Which is why I love my spreadsheets…as long as I’m using them like I’m supposed to!)

The BF’s birthday is coming up soon. I’m kinda boring, so I already gave him his present (in case I needed to return it and I ran out of time….ugh, I’m such an insecure gift-giver!), I still want to do something special for him though. Suggestions welcome, although I’m thinking just making him some creme brulee would be enough of a surprise (he’s been wanting me to make him some for months now). I’d also like to make a cake….but now that’s getting ambitious, lol.

-The BF got a glimpse at my spreadsheets for the first time this weekend…and I think he got freaked out, lol. I opened the file to see how much I needed to write my mom’s check for and as soon as he got a look at my multiple tabs said “um, that looks really complicated….” I just laughed.

-I started getting my tax papers and receipts in line this weekend. Inventory for my prior business is done, most of my receipts are accounted for (I think), but I realized I’m missing some other paperwork and have NO IDEA where I have it, or even if I do. I have no idea if I paid interest this year or not and my credit card apparently stopped sending out year-end summaries so I go through with my back-up plan of checking there. I wasn’t smart enough to print out statments. =[  I don’t know what to do short of making some phone calls….looks like I have no choice but to try. This thing is causing me so much stress! Mini update: I called and got a very helpful lady on the phone that was able to help me find a printout of two things I was lacking. I still don’t know if I paid interest on my credit card, but I’m going to assume it wasn’t enough to make a huge difference in my taxes. [sigh] I also have to cross my fingers and see if I find a file that shows if I paid any additional credit card transaction fees (I think I have what I need though). This is progress though, I think I’ll be ready to file my taxes either later this week or this weekend.

-Ugh…car loans!! [sigh] I get stressed out thinking about rate shopping. That’s all I have to say. (Oh, and I found a new scratch on my car last week. I haven’t collided with anything, so it must have happened in the parking deck. ARGH!!)

-My mom just sent me a listing of the Whole Foods events this month. (Yes, we’re Whole Foods nerds/groupies….) There are several classes I’d love to go to!! The only problem: I have no idea if or when I have to go to company headquarters this month, so I don’t know what dates I can make it.  I may just sign up for all of them and then hope for the best.

My choreography class starts on Thursday!!!! Eeeeek!! I’m so excited!!!! I hope the girls in my class are fun, and I hope our instructor has chosen a nice color for our costumes (I’m hoping they’re not bubble gum pink, any green, or orangey nude. Nothing that would make me look sickly.) I’m not convinced that I’m going to perform in the showcase, but if I get excited enough I just might!! (That is very uncharacteristic of me.)

-The BF started a diet!! lol. I’m kind of glad for him, since he’s been frustrated with his weight gain as of late, but….I feel kind of weird about it. Almost….competitive, really. (As in “ugh, he can’t lose weight and leave me alone in my fatness!!”. Yes, that is how my crazy/insecure mind works. lol.)  I go back and forth thinking about whether or not I have the energy to do the South Beach Diet (breakfast is the hardest! No oatmeal!), or whether I just want to keep eating as I am.  Then again, this would be the perfect time for me to get my own eating under control (since he won’t be tempting me with Taco Bell and deliciously greasy pizza, lol), and I’m sure he’d appreciate some support (they aren’t exactly healthy eaters at his house). At least we won’t be eating out too much!!

-Finally, we did go out to eat this past weekend….although not where we intended to. There was a 1 hour wait at that restaurant!! I thought there was a recession, people! I guess its good for our restaurants, but no good for us….we had to go elsewhere (just across the street, at a restaurant I wanted to take him to eventually anyway, lol.)  The food there was great, and it was nice for us to go out on a date-like outing. We even had dessert….it was so pretty! Neither of us wanted to touch it. Luckily it was also delicious. We didn’t have drinks (other than his soda), but the total was more than I thought….$65 after tip!!  That’s more than I let myself spend in one week! lol. Not unreasonable, but it definitely reminds me why we don’t eat out at “nice” places every weekend.

-We’re going to attempt going to that original restaurant again, although when I’m not sure. Maybe his birthday? We’ll definitely make reservations next time though.

I suppose that’s all I have for now. Back to work, and back on a new project….we actually have a contract with a client! Its a short one though….a few months once we’ve got the preparations out of the way. I’m working on the “preparations” right now, although I’m crossing my fingers that when our exec comes back from the presentation he has some good news. Cross your fingers for me!!