Wow!! March is gone!!

I should be happy, but I just feel like time is moving on too quickly. I’ve got taxes to file, the BF’s birthday to prepare for, another race I’m not trained enough for (I’m running with co-workers this time! Yikes…embarrassing!), and my car lease is ending soon. [sigh]. Must remind myself to breathe.

Anyway, other than my mini stress-induced hissy fit, this month went over fairly well.

March Goals

1. Finish reading three books from my collection. DONE! I read The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass, and the Tin Princess. I enjoyed them all, but I don’t think I’m going to keep them all. We’ll see how I feel about this in a few weeks.

2. Save an EXTRA $130 for belly dancing. Done!! And right in time! My choreography course is officially paid for….and classes start on Thursday! I’m so excited!!

3. Go through my “office supplies” and determine what I really need. Get rid of stuff until it all fits (organized!) in one drawer. Well, I kinda did this. All my supplies are in one drawer, but I didn’t organize it. Call me a cheater, but I’m still considering this one DONE!!!!

You see that folks?!! I accomplished all three of my goals in March!!! (Hehe, those are the perks of aiming low…)

And that leaves us at April. I’ve already set my goals, and once again I’m aiming relatively low. It still gives me plenty to do though, so I’m happy enough with that!

April Goals

1. Finish reading two books from my collection. (Starting with “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, and possibly with “Mansfield Park” following that)

2. Have financing ready for lease buyout. Set appointment with car dealership…or whatever it is I need to do.

3. Pay off “Personal Debt”. (Just under $100). (About $25/week)

4. File my taxes. (That’s kind of cheating since I HAVE TO do it, but it’ll give me something to cross off halfway through the month.) =]

That includes two obligations (taxes and the car), one money goal (necessary…its embarrassing to have that debt on my side bar!), and one “fun” goal. I’ve slowed down a little from last month’s three book goal, because I really don’t want to feel forced to read. That takes the fun out of it!!

I have a good feeling about April. Its going to be hectic in the beginning, but I just need to take things one at a time and that way I can get everything done and avoid wanting to bury myself by the end of the month.