I normally don’t pick up my cellphone when its an “Unknown” number, or if its not a number I recognize. I figure if they need me badly enough they’ll leave a message.

Well, I guess I was in a good mood today (or just bored, this office is too quiet) because when I got a call into my personal cell from “Unknown” I said what the heck and picked it up.

Maybe I should mention that a week or two ago I got a call from “Unknown” about 5 times in an hour. And then sporadically between then and now. And perhaps its prudent to mention that earlier this week I also answered, and whoever it was hung up on me.

Well, I answered, and on the other end of the line was a girl. Here’s a bit of our conversation….

Me: Hello?
Girl: Hi.
Me: Who is this?
Girl: I’m sorry, but could you tell me your name?
[Weird. I’m in a “good” mood though…]
Me: QL*. Why?
Girl: This is going to sound weird, but could you tell me if you are friends with anyone named Jimmy*?
Me: Umm, why do you ask?
[Yes, this is weird. I know a Jimmy, but he went to my middle school, and I would hardly call him a friend. I barely knew his name. Actually, come to think of it….he’s a friend of a friend. But still, why would he have my number?]
Girl: Well, I found your number on a cellphone** so I was wondering if you knew him…
Me: …Last name?
Girl: [kinda laughs] Oh, I don’t remember…
Me: I might’ve known one a long time ago.
Girl: Really? Where do you know him from? Work, school….
Me: This was over 5 years ago. Maybe middle school.
[She must think “maybe” is an odd choice of words….either I did or didn’t]
Girl: Really? What middle school did you go to?
[pause. This is getting strange…what if she’s trying to get information from me and then send it off to someone else? Yes, I’m paranoid like that]
Girl: Was it XYZ school?
[huh? Doesn’t sound like my school]
Me: No.
Girl: Oh.
Me: Yeah….sorry!

So yeah, I’m somewhat paranoid, so in the midst of my paranoia I didn’t have a chance to come up with a more realistic scenario (how is knowing Jimmy and what middle school I went to going to lead someone to steal my identity?) Which is what I deduced after she’d hung up.

Wait….my number….on a cellphone….Jimmy? She either thinks Jimmy’s cheating on her, (why else all the mystery), or she’s a very paranoid girlfriend that wants to know who all the girls on Jimmy’s cellphone are. Either way….this was hilarious!!! (Although the girlfriend theory wouldn’t explain how she didn’t know his last name.)

Well, I suppose in order to find it hilarious you have to know me. I’m NOT the flirtatious type, or the type that gives out her number to everyone. Anyway, about a minute after I hung up I remembered another Jimmy I know! This one was a lot more probable to have my number (but in no way would she have had anything to worry about), but the last time I’d even seen him was 4 years ago….did I even have this number back then?

A minute after that she called back.

Girl: I’m sorry, you must think I’m really annoying
[eh, more amusing than annoying at this point….why don’t you just tell me what you’re doing and I’ll help you!]
Girl: But maybe I know where you know him from….

[wait for it….]

Girl:….do you work at Hooters?

Me: LOL. No, I don’t.
Girl: Ok.
Me: Ok, bye.

By far the strangest call I’ve ever received. I couldn’t help but share it with you all!!

Any theories? (Although the Hooters comment makes me a bit inclined to assume what kind of girl she thinks I am…lol)

Heck, while we’re at it, any weird phone call stories you’re itching to share? (Either as the recipient or the caller!!)


*These names have been changed to protect the innocent.

**I paraphrased quite a few parts of the conversation. Either way, the gist of what I got was that she’d found my number somehow and I believe she said it was on “Jimmy’s” cellphone.