I figured I’d do that whole listing thing again, since I have so many things running through my head yet I don’t think each deserves its own post….

-Tonight’s my first bellydance choreography class! I’m sure you’re tired of reading about it, but I don’t care…I’m excited!

-Tonight I may also possibly stop by another dance studio to check out their beginner’s flamenco class. I danced years ago, but don’t remember the Sevillanas (which is the beginner choreography they teach…everyone that dances flamenco knows this one!) I just need to confirm at what time we should be there if we have any questions. (And to find out where I can get shoes UNDER $100!)

-Last night I went to Whole Foods “Tea 101” class. I secretly thought it was going to be boring (I mean, how exciting can tea really be?), but I was VERY pleasantly surprised!! I’m a newly-proclaimed Citizen of The Republic of Tea!

-By the way, if you have a Whole Foods near you check out if they have “classes” or demos that they hold, and let’s not forget their wine tasting. They’re all (mostly) free, and are on all different topics! Later this month we’re going to a Jamaican night, a Chinese night, and an Olive 101 class. If you’re a nerd like me, you’ll enjoy them. (Well, I think….the Tea 101 class was my first one.)

-On April 20th I have a day off from work! If I don’t use it…I’ll lose it. So use it I will. I toyed with the idea of flying somewhere last minute, but it’d probably have to be on my own and that limits the options I’m willing to consider. The idea I’ll probably go with is to be a “tourist” in my own city….I can go out and visit museums, maybe drive to the beach, or go to that winery…who knows. I’m going to try and map out a plan so that I don’t waste my first free day of the year!

-This weekend some museums in various cities around the country and giving free admission to those with a Bank of America card or account. Just show your check card, check book, or credit card and that’s it! (Or so I hear) Unfortunately its the last weekend they’re doing it for the season, and I only found out recently! I may go to one of them on Saturday morning on Sunday, depending on what my schedule looks like.

I haven’t been eating right this week at all….on Tuesday I had cornbread for breakfast AND lunch. It’s delicious, but come on!! That’s not real food!! Apparently in my laziness and desire to punish myself for not preparing lunch (and maybe save a buck or two) I decided it was better to not really eat proper meals. Today I “forgot” my lunch again….but I have to eat. I won’t be home until 10 or so, so I’ll be grabbing a footlong for lunch. That way I’ll have some leftover for dinner!

-Speaking of food and Whole Foods again…I happened to pick up their April “coupon book” (or whatever that was) and they’ve got some good stuff in there!! A coupon for BOGO Free pasta, and recipes!! I’m thinking I”m going to buy some Farfalle and make their Salmon and Peas pasta recipe. Sounds sooo good. I love food shopping! (Oh, and I need more pita chips. Those things are addictive. Oh, and maybe some Tea?) I’ve got $12 left on my gift card. I better make it last!

So….is it lunchtime yet? I’m huuuungry!

I hope you have a happy Thursday!! Afterall, its almost Friday!!