So, she called again.

(Oh, oops…if you don’t know who “Jimmy” is referring to, read yesterday’s post…)

I was at work…again, but this time she didn’t block her number. Here’s what happened this time (I’m paraphrasing, I can’t remember exactly what was said)…

Girl: Hi QL, I called you yesterday…

ME: Hi.

Girl: Look, I don’t want any problems. You said you knew Jimmy?

ME: I said I knew A Jimmy. What’s his last name?


Girl: This might be uncomfortable, but I have to tell you what’s happening. Jimmy is my husband and he’s the father of my baby. We’ve been having problems lately. I looked at his cellphone history, and I saw that he’s been sending texts back and forth with you. [WHAT?!] So I called you. I just wanted to know where you know Jimmy from.

ME: Look, I only know one Jimmy, and I haven’t talked to him in a few years. And I know that he’s NOT texting me. I don’t even have a texting plan! [typical….I’m thinking about how much I’d have to pay for all those texts, lol. I now realize that fact means nothing to her.]

Girl: But I saw it, and he’s been sending you texts for some time now. I don’t want any problems…

[Hmm, if I was a cheating ho, wouldn’t this cause a problem?]

ME: Well, I don’t know what to tell you. You sure its not an error? [Its obviously an error] I assure you that’s not happening.

[some more exhanges, don’t remember what was said]

Girl: Well, I’m sorry….[or something like that]

ME: Yes…I’m sorry for you as well….


First of all….poor girl! I believe there’s always two sides to one story, but to think that your baby-daddy/husband is texting some chick must really suck. No matter what she’s done.

Second of all….what an asshole! Well, assuming he’s texting some chick even though its my phone number (ugh.) She said they were having “problems” though, so I’ll take that to mean that I’m free to assume that he’s an asshole.

Thirdly….ugh! Thanks wonderful Cellphone Service Provider!! (I’m not saying the name….but it rhymes with B-Mobile….) Thanks to your dumb phone-call-registering-system I have a pissed off chick calling me every day!

I almost wish there was a way I could help her figure this out!! (Or at least find out who he’s really been texting) But there’s really no way to do that, is there? If there’s one thing I hate, its cheating men!!! (Sorry guys….you cheat, you deserve my hate.)

If not for the fact that it isn’t Wednesday (and I hadn’t received all those calls before) I’d assume this was an April Fools Day prank. And what a good one it’d be!!!