Yay!!! Done with taxes!! Not only do I get to check off a goal from my April Goals, but I feel like I’ve just had a huge weight taken off my chest.

The result: I’m getting over $1,000 back!!! I’m SO glad, I was actually worried about having to pay taxes, but I guess I forgot to take into account that nifty standard deduction. Thank goodness. =]

So now comes the fun part…..what am I doing with those taxes?

I still have a lot of figuring out to do and I’m not 100% sure what I’ll be doing, but I thought I’d leave you all with a fun little game…let’s see who comes the closest to guessing what I’m doing with my refund!! (Yeah, I’m quite lame, lol)

So just leave your guess as to what I might use my refund money for….who knows, maybe I’ll give a prize if you’re really close.  😉 (Ok, sorry, but I probably won’t unless I’m really impressed with your guess, lol)

I’ll even give you a few hints:  The responsible side of me would say pay back all debts, and the rest goes into savings. BUT, I’m feeling wild these days….so that’s probably NOT what I’ll do.

As soon as I’ve figured out where my refund is going I’ll come back and give a breakdown.

Don’t feel like guessing? Well, what did you do (or what will you do) with your refund?