As I went around on my kick-ass super productive weekend, one of my “accidental” stops was at Target. (Only accidental because it was right next to Bed Bath and Beyond, which was my original destination.) I didn’t really want to buy anything, but can you really help it when you’re faced with sales and cute clothes?!!

My first stop was the bra section. I must first say that this was only because maybe I year ago, by some fluke I stopped by their clearance bras, found one that was practically orange and for $5 and I said “what the heck….its on sale!” The result was that I found my cheapest, most comfortable bra ever!! And that orange color? Turns out its the “nudest” shade I have of all my bras! (Yeah, sounds strange, but I’m really pale, and yet it does NOT show up at all under a white shirt….unlike some other “nude” bras I have.)

Anyway, I was hoping I could get a repeat. I found a few of their bras on “sale”* that looked like the one I have….SCORE!! I grabbed what I could find in my size and the colors I wanted and moved on.

Next I went to the dresses. They had some really cute ones! I figured I’d try on the bras first though, that way I could better gauge how much I’d be spending on those (therefore how much extra I’d be willing to spend on dresses).

Here’s where Target worked its “magic”….at the dressing/fitting area there were a bunch of women standing around (in line?), there were dozens of full carts (not belonging to customers) with stuff hanging from them, the employees were flocking together and whining about something, there was a MAN in the dressing area just walking around (sure, there are doors….but still….). I don’t know, everything about it made me want to run away and never look back. Still, the possibility of a well-priced bra encouraged me to do it anyway. To keep this story from getting any longer, none of the bras fit….If I had wanted to go back to try on another dress….well, it just wouldn’t have happened. That experience was just too much for me. Worse than any Ross or Marshalls I’ve been to (and those rooms can get bad).

So thank you Target, for curbing my appetite for new clothing.

(That doesn’t mean I didn’t buy anything, period. I got myself some car cleaning stuff and a pencil box, lol….but I’m definitely keeping away from their clothes. Well, at least at that location. 😉  If all stores were like this I’d save myself a nice bit of money.)

Have you ever had an experience like this that affected your purchases? I’m sure it wouldn’t bother some people, but for me the actual shopping experience is part of a whole package. Give me excellent service, and I’m more likely to buy. Even if I don’t buy, with a good experience I’ll still leave the store and tell everyone to go back and check it out.


*Most of their “sales” weren’t sales at all. Just their regular prices on a big sign that had the word “sale” on it. Very sneaky, very disappointing.

**It was so tempting to try and come up with a cheesy Target pun….but I resisted!! So proud of myself. However, feel free to share your own puns. lol. A good pun is always appreciated here.