Apparently the BF is going through a mid-life crisis. Well, quarterlife, as he’s turning 26 later this month.

We were hanging out as usual yesterday when he told me about his crisis. Then he followed it by telling me he wanted to go to Europe.

Me: What, on vacation?
BF: No…like, move there. For a year at least!
Me: Umm….why?
BF: …change my way of life, I’m tired of things here….

Well, I guess I know what he means. But, wouldn’t it be more prudent to actually check things out over there first before deciding to just up and move to Europe?!! Mind you, neither of us has ever been there. I figured it’d probably be better for us to just take a vacation and stay there for an extended period (a month?) before making a huge decision like that! His excuse: he doesn’t want to be a tourist. He wants to get to really know a place, become immersed in the culture. (My response was you don’t have to stick to just tourist spots….anyway, he’s just as stubborn as I am….)

Either way, that got me thinking….why am I so averse to the thought of moving off to Europe? So, logically, I thought I’d make a list….

Things keeping me here/Reasons NOT to move to overseas:
-My job (stability…money…)
My family, his family
-BF’s lack of a plan (and lack of financial backing)
-What would I come back to? No job (in an already shaky industry as it is), no place to live (parents again? I suppose I could be willing to rent by then)
-What would we do over there? How would we get jobs? (and what kind of jobs?) Is he expecting us to get jobs or live off some mysterious money we haven’t discussed?

Reasons I should go:
-No kids yet, no house….yet
-It’d be an adventure!!!

I don’t know to what extent he was joking, or just reacting to the fact that he’s getting older, but it really caught me off guard. Not only just the thought of it, but my reaction. My strong aversion to the thought of cutting off my roots and moving somewhere far away and strange to me. I’m also realizing that my biggest obstacle is money. I will NOT do something without knowing how it will be financed, and I am not willing to jump into things that haven’t been thought out. (I’m also plain stubborn.)

Anyway, thoughts anyone? I know there are a lot of you that actually wish you could go live abroad for a few years….so what’s stopping you? How are you planning things out, and why  do you want to go live overseas? For a really long “vacation”? Or will you be working one way or another? I’d love to hear some opinions or stories!