….bring your own booze.

I never really gave the phrase much though….but just this week I received two invitations that specifically mentioned the need for me to “Bring [my] own Booze” to the parties.

I’m curious…does anyone else find this slightly….well….tacky?

You see, the practice in itself doesn’t strike me as tacky. We all know that alcohol is the most expensive thing when it comes to parties. However, when going to a party and you know you’re going to be drinking among friends (I mean that beyond a conservative cup/glass or two), don’t you kinda just take a bottle or something out of decency? (Unless they specifically tell you NOT to.)

Besides, when you “bring your own booze” how does that work exactly? Does your booze sit on the counter with your name on it, and only you can drink it? Conversely, let’s say there’s a bottle of some alcohol I’d love to try….do I need to go find the “owner” and ask for a swig?

Yes, I’m being facetious, but that’s the kind of image it evokes when I hear that….stinginess. And I won’t exclude myself from that kind of behavior. I know I can be stingy when it comes to my drinks, simply because I don’t want others to drink my stuff and leave me with only beer (which I don’t drink…and coincidentally, yes, same friend and same party, lol).

I’m not exactly complaining, I’m just realizing that I’ve never been to a party that specifically asked for me to bring my own booze and its quite caught me off guard. So, we’ll see what, if anything, I’ll be bringing to these BYOB parties. (I say “if anything” not because I’m going to mooch of others’ drinks even after they said BYOB, but because I may decide to not partake in the drinking at all. Just in case any of you were about to be nasty about that.  😉 )

Do you think the BYOB movement is or will be becoming increasily popular these days?
Or do you think my friends just got tired of others’ mooching off their alcohol?
(Or do I just not go to enough parties? lol.)