Last time I left you all with a breakdown of what I was doing with my tax refund. (Let’s review: 1/3 to personal debt, 1/3 to Emergency savings, 1/3 being spent.)  I’m pretty set on the general breakdown, but its the last $400 that I’m not 100% settled on.

The only reason it hasn’t been settled on is….well, I feel guilty spending it on belly dance costumes and tickets to the performance. I mean, it feels like such a frivolous use of my money. (I might as well buy a $400 handbag or shoes, right?! And thats something I’d just feel sick doing…) I also feel kind of silly because I want to think that I’m a little old to be pretending to be a dancer in a student recital (although they don’t call it a recital….its a “showcase”.) Besides, I figured it was a bad sign when I considered omitting it from this blog ([gasp] a sure sign of guilt!)

Then again, the other side of me sees that I’m not even close to be the oldest student considering performing, I really enjoy it and think it’ll take me to a new level with my belly dancing, and who knows if I’ll still be doing this next year anyway. Once I buy a house all this frivolous spending will definitely be cut back, so I might as well do it now that I have the opportunity and drive, right?

I saw the costumes yesterday. There are two of them, one for each dance group I’m in. If they had been ugly this would be easier to decide, but I think they’re really cute! One is green and $185, and the other is red and $160. I want to perform both (I know one of the first suggestions would be for me to only do one performance 😉 , a seemingly good suggestion, but the songs are so different that I would be heartbroken to have to choose. ) I also have to add alterations and any accessories our instructor assigns to the groups.

Total for two dresses: $345, after tax $370.*

Tickets are $20 each. It’d be silly of me to buy those costumes and have no one there to see me, right? I don’t want to make a big deal out of it, so I’m only telling a few people….my boyfriend, my mom, and my dad. (I’ve been considering telling my sister, but she looks at me a little funny every time I tell her I’m going to dance class….so I don’t know. Plus then she’ll want to take my BIL, and that starts adding too many people.) ANYWAY, all that just to say it will be $60 in tickets. Only part of it would be covered with my refund.

As for any other things I could be spending this money on instead: flamenco shoes (but since I won’t be enrolling until AFTER this show, I’ll have time to beef up my dance fund for them), bras, a haircut, random clothes, random doodads, more savings?

So, I don’t know….what do you think? I feel like I’ve already made up my mind, and I’m just looking for reassurance. (Although I may be asking the wrong crowd if that’s what I want! lol) As always though, I could be missing or forgetting something.

To finish this up, I’ll try and reassure myself a little more….I stay on budget most of the time, I save more than half my income, I don’t have an electronics addiction, I don’t have a designer shoe or bag addiction, so a little splurging wouldn’t kill…..right?

I have a week before I have to commit to one of the groups. Hopefully by then I’ll have made up my mind and have no regrets about whatever I choose.


*I’m going to try and see if they’ll cut me a deal since I’m getting two dresses. Crossing my fingers! If that happens it’ll leave a little extra money for alterations and accessories.