I must say, I had a very enjoyable weekend. That being said, I look like hell this morning. I just happened to get a glimpse of myself in a mirror and I received quite a shock! lol. I think its because I was sneezy in the morning. Either way, as usual I have so many things running through my head I can’t sit still and get my work done in a quiet and civilized manner,  so  I will use bullets to calm myself down….

  • On Friday my boss gave me free tickets to go see a show. He wasn’t going to use them and thought I might. I’d heard of the artist, but had never really paid attention to the music. I thought it’d be cheesy as hell. I took my parents as well as my grandmother. It was cheesy, but I was very pleasantly surprised at some of the parts! I might even dare to say that there were some amazing moments in the show! My guests loved it, and I loved the fact that we got to see a show for free that would’ve cost me over $400!
  • On Saturday I woke up way too late. (Did I mention that the aforementioned show was three hours long?!!!) It was almost noon when I woke up! My plans were somewhat derailed, so I just hung out at home until it was time for my class.
  • At my dance class….we danced with Swords!!! So cool. It just so happens there’s going to be a sword workshop next month, I’m SO there! Hmmm, is that a valid excuse to go out and buy a sword? I think so!! (I think the ones at the studio are $35….I’ll have to check on that Thursday.)
  • I bought the tickets to the dance performance in the Summer. I guess I better be performing, because three tickets were $60!
  • It’s Monday. That also means I start my obsessive countdown to Thursday, the next time I have a dance class.
  • I did some grocery shopping Sunday. While I got some good deals (BOGO free on vanilla saved me $8.50, BOGO free on cake mixes saved me $4) I overspent. I’m out of money for the week and its only Monday!
  • I bought the latest Smirnoff Twisted flavors…..Passionfruit and Strawberry Acai. SOOOO yummy! They taste like juice! lol
  • When I went to buy the Smirnoff I found a coupon for $.50. I almost threw it out after realizing it was expired, but I thought I’d give it a try anyway. Well, they took the coupon! I was feeling bold when I left, so when I got to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a butane refill I thought I’d ask if they had any 20% coupons lying around that I could use (we didn’t have any at home, and I saw one behind the counter). The girl said “no, but if you find yours at home you can come back and use it.” lol. Didn’t work, but it was worth a try!!
  • Speaking of which, the party was better than I was expecting, not that I was expecting much. Once I heard there was going to be beer pong I was a little disappointed. I’m so over beer pong.* They behaved well though, and a good time was had by all without having to be dragged into the game. I saw some people I hadn’t seen in years, and it was hilariously funny people watching. Can’t wait to see the pictures…
  • I had too many daiquiris on Sunday….not because of the alcohol….too much sugar! There was lots of good food around, and unfortunately it showed this morning when I weighed myself. Yikes!
  • Oh, how could I forget….I made the Nutella ice cream and Creme Brulee as I said I would. The ice cream was spectacular (and spectacularly easy!), and the Creme Brulee, while delicious was a bit undercooked and runny. Oops. It was relatively easy as well, and if I have enough cream left at home I’m making some again soon!!!
  • I have a car inspection Thursday, I need to clean it!!! Inside and out!
  • Speaking of cars….Amex just happened to send me an email about their new promotions for car buyers. They’re offering “special prices” they’ve negotiated with selected dealers.  You just look up the car you want, set your specs, print the quote, and take it to the dealer. No more negotiating! Sounds great….except I’m skeptical about what they consider to be a great price, lol.
  • Has anyone else started to get the “Make Work Pay” tax cut? I got $10.27 extra in my last paycheck. Did I get gypped? Didn’t I hear it would be $12? lol. Maybe I’m wrong….we’ll see what I get next week. Hmm, what should I do with this extra money….?
  • I just opened up a mini box of Nerds. It was filled up to the very top, very unusual (they usually have some room for the Nerds to move around…this one didn’t). Instead of praising my luck, I’m expecting a roach or something equally disgusting to turn up any minute, to explain why the box was so full. I usually just dump them into my mouth in small amounts….but I’m dumping them into my hand first. Can’t run the risk of an unfortunate event. These nerds don’t taste as great, all of a sudden. =[ 

 Glad to get that out of my system.

I hope you have a great week. As for myself, I’ve got my weekly “to-do” list ready, and now its back to work…


*The last time I was at a party with these people and they played beer pong they were totally obnoxious. This may the reason why I feel I’m “so over” it. I also think I was annoyed because there’s one guy that was leading the game and I totally think he was making up the rules….that’s not how we played beerpong at our school! pfft….