I got an email from my real estate agent (ahem, aunt) a little while ago. A townhouse in one of the neighborhoods I was looking at was just listed….at $124,000.

I called her, she said the agent that listed it has been getting a lot of calls….its a foreclosure and apparently its hot listing (duh!). So we’re going to take a look at it tonight. I took a quick look at the listing:

1,000 SF
2 Bd/2 Ba
HOA Fees $277/mo
2 parking spots (sweet!)

The only downer is that its on the ground floor and so has a unit over it (I’m worried about sound issues).

Man oh man, this sounds good….$124,000?!! I could put down 20% and STILL have $12,000 left over for my emergency fund. And a $100k mortgage would mean a lower monthly payment (or I could put in an extra $1,000 so I can feel better about having only a 5 digit mortgage, lol) Plus it has TWO parking spots?! Excellent!

The cons: 1st floor, HOA Fees (albeit low compared to other complexes), the taxes are kind of high at $4,000, and its a block from my favorite pizza place (oh boy….I’m getting giddy at the thought), and um, I don’t have a pre-approval and I haven’t bought my car yet. =[ (I didn’t want to exactly get “screwed” with a higher car interest rate, but its a much shorter term than a mortgage.) The whole “you gotta get it while its hot” kinda freaks me out too…pressure clouds my judgement, and while I recognize it, it won’t necessarily help me in making a better decision.

I haven’t even seen it yet, so I’m not sure I should be getting so excited.

I just got another call. We HAVE to see it tonight because they’re thinking of closing down the listing. Crap….should I skip out work to see it?! lol. I don’t deal well with pressure.