Ugh. I’m so pissed off.

I had my car inspection scheduled two weeks ago, and it was set for tomorrow, between the hours of 8 and 1pm. Then yesterday I get an email from my boss at our main office announcing a meeting I need to be at….at our main office. (Which is 2 hours away from here.) The meeting is in the afternoon, giving me almost enough time to get the car inspected within their window. I call the car people to make sure they can be there a little earlier, and we agree to an 8-12pm window. Great, I thought.

Then I get an email from my project manager asking me to be at the office all day. I respond asking if its ok for me to show up after lunch since I have an appointment here in the morning. He says its fine, as long as I can be there at 1pm. There was the chance that the car people wouldn’t show up until noon, and after a half hour inspection I’d totally be late to the office. I called to see if they can inspect it up there, and they couldn’t. So, naturally, I rescheduled again….you know, to be a good sport and show up when my PM wanted me there. I rescheduled it for next Thursday, what are the odds they’d need me on that day, especially after that meeting, right?

Well, I just got an email from someone else. They’re now changing the meeting from tomorrow to NEXT Thursday. AARRRGH!

So, now I don’t know what to do. PM still wants me at their office tomorrow, I need to be at that other meeting next Thursday, and there are no other days in between available. I obviously have to reschedule, but at this point I’m just so fricking tired of this….I don’t even know why I’m bothering with an inspection. I think the gods are aligning all these events just to tell me to keep my car. (The Honda gods?) Chances are I’ll need to fix up all the dings my car has, and I don’t feel like paying for that. And if I don’t feel like paying for that, then I’m not going to turn in my car, and if I don’t turn in my car…..what am I doing this for?!!

I guess its not as big a deal as I’m making it out to be. I just need to call the inspectors a 2nd time today and reschedule for a 3rd time. They must love me, we’ll be the best of friends by the time this is over. Aren’t I always saying I need more friends?


I’m starting to think I should’ve never gotten a lease. Lesson learned.