Once again, I overspent this week. In my defense I bought a lot of baking supplies (2 bottles of vanilla for $8! 4 packs of cake mixes!). I’m still toying with starting up that baking business, but I don’t want to dive back into it just yet. It’ll come back to me slowly….

That being said, here’s my spending for this past week.

Starting Balance -$2.58
4/10 Deposit $63.00 ($60.42 left)
4/10 Entertainment Book $15.00 ($45.42 left)
4/10 Postage (Swaptree) $2.36 ($43.06 left)
4/10 PF Changs Lunch $8.59 ($34.47 left)
4/11 Groceries $39.79 (-$5.32 left)
4/11 Bed, Bath & Beyond $8.55 (-$13.87 left)
4/16 Taco Bell $4.47 (-$18.34 left)

Another week I won’t be able to save my extra money. =[ The bad part is that next week I have my day off, and chances are I’ll be spending quite a bit. So far I just have a loose itinerary:

Friday – Wine Tasting at Whole Foods? Need to confirm that we reserved spots, and we’ll see if I still feel like going at the end of the day. I think that pretty much concludes my plans for Friday night. lol. If  I do go, it will probably be followed by just hanging out with the BF. (And even if I don’t go….I’ll end up just hanging with the BF.)

Saturday – AM? No clue, but considering I’m going to a pool party in the afternoon maybe I should make something to bring with me? (Perhaps some Nutella ice cream for the birthday boy?)  In the afternoon I have class, and then right after that I’m heading over to the pool party!! We’ll probably be there well into the evening.

Sunday – AM? Again, no clue. It’d probably be a good time to do laundry and take care of any random things I have difficulty doing during the week….like washing my car! (Blegh.) In the afternoon I have another dance class. Finally! This is the the other choreography class I want to perform, and we didn’t have class last week. At the first class we didn’t get to learn any “choreography” so I hope we learn more this time! In the evening….again, no plans.

Monday – This is my day off. I still don’t know what we should do. I just got my Entertainment book yesterday, and it has a coupon for the Winery, and I think they have coupons for the Zoo online. I think its going to be either one of those. Or maybe both? I have to check on prices and the times that they’re open. If the weather cooperates it should be fun! I also think I need to have a plan B, in case the BF needs to work or something. In that case….I’m not exactly sure what I’d do. Perhaps visit the car dealership? Or crunch some “homeowner numbers”? Or better yet, screw being productive and head over to the museums of my choice. =] 

I usually end up changing my plans every weekend after I write all these little summaries, but for some reason I feel better knowing that I have things mapped out for me. (Have I mentioned I have control issues? lol) I think its safe to say this week I won’t be too far off….because of all the blanks, lol.