I had all these fabulous ideas for tomorrow’s plans. I marveled at the thought of discovering parts of my city I hadn’t been to before, but what?!! There’s so much to see!

First it occurred to me that perhaps we should go to the winery….but I later found out they don’t do tours on weekdays. Then I thought “the zoo! that’d be fun, we haven’t been there in ages!” Then I found out that its supposed to rain tomorrow. (There went any plans for the botanical gardens too) Then I came up with a fool-proof plan, we’d go downtown and visit the art and historical museum. Great! However I had the foresight to check if they’re open on Mondays. They’re not. Oh, and the Science Museum? $18 EACH! Um, maybe next time? (I had BOGO Free coupons for all the rest of the options, lol)

Now what?!!

Well, our final backup plan is to go to the movies. Boo. It should still be fun, but not the adventure I thought I’d be having on my first day off in 2009. lol.

Better luck next time.