Another Thursday morning….hoorah! Its practically the weekend! No spending recap yet, and no housing updates (well, no major ones), so I’ll just be sharing the random thoughts and happenings in my life at the moment. 

-I was looking at car models online yesterday, particularly with the Amex Auto Purchase Program. I checked out a couple editions of the Civic and the Corolla, and just based on their prices it would only be about $1,000 more to buy a NEW car. I don’t know, this decision is getting tougher every day and I’m starting to run short on time. We’ll see how much money I’d need to spend on repairs to the Accord when I turn it in. In the meantime I’m calling my bank so they can send me a couple of quotes. Once I get those quotes and my inspection results I’ll think about test driving. I’m thinking that’ll be by next weekend. (I wonder if there are any NEW 2008 models still at the dealers? If so, I’ll take one if its cheaper!)

-Its take your “child” to work day. I remember when it was just “take your daughter to work”. Those were the good times!! We got to feel all special while the guys had to stay at school. Looks like they didn’t like the discrimination though (HAH! See what it feels like boys?!), and I find it amusing that now its “children” and not just daughters. Meh, I guess the boys have the right to see what a real day of work is like too….

-Holy crap, I need to sleep more! For another week in a row I was falling asleep on the way to headquarters. It wasn’t as bad as last week, but still…..enough to get worried.

-Yesterday I went out to happy hour for the first time in AGES. It was our boss’s birthday, and we went to the Martini bar across the street. MAN, that was good…..but boy was it expensive!! $14 for a martini! Yikes! I don’t know how you kids can afford to go out and drink so often. Well, they did have a 2 for 1 special but there’s no way I could’ve had two martinis and still gotten out and driven home. As it was, I hadn’t eaten and 1 martini got me fairly tipsy (well, it was actually two “glass-fulls”, but one shaker-full. Is there a proper term for that?). I hope the execs didn’t notice!  =[

-As a result of the impromptu happy hour, I missed a chance to look at an apartment I’ve been wanting to see. I hope I get home early enough tonight to have a look (since its unoccupied there’s no power and therefore no lights). After a quick talk to my aunt/agent….I should wait a little more. Most of the units we’ve seen listed are short sales. From what she says there’s nothing “short” about them and I may end up waiting months to hear from the bank in the event I put in an offer. She predicts that a couple months from now (June) there will be more foreclosures on the market as opposed to the Short Sales. While it frustrates me to have to be told to wait again (after being told to wake up and start looking NOW), it makes me feel a little better. I still need time to take care of my car issues. [sigh]

-I’ve been eating tons of crap. Mostly because I’ve been getting emotional (i.e. hormonal), but that’s no excuse. I ran for the first time in two weeks on Tuesday, and afterwards my knees hurt. Not good. I need to get back on it!

-Speaking of eating crap….I went over my spending budget at the beginning of the week. Do you think that’s stopped me from spending though? I’ve eaten out for lunch every day this week! Bummer, I’m not going to be so happy when I barely have any money left for next week. =[

-I went to a flamenco dance class with my mom on Monday! It was interesting dancing again, but its slightly different from what we used to dance (classical spanish as opposed to flamenco). Either way, I’m looking forward to the next one, which is in May. While it sucks we have to skip a week, its nice because it gives me time to accumulate more money in my dance fund! By that day I’ll have just enough to pay for the month! Weee!!!

-And speaking of dance….I still want a sword. I figured out a way to be able to pay for my sword from just my dance funds, but I wouldn’t have the amount accumulated until June. The workshop I need it for is in May. [sigh] As much as I would LOVE a sword…..should I really get one? I’m TORN! I still haven’t given up on looking for a lower price on one….I’m going to do some detective work at tonight’s class to find out other options.

-I did some very intense calculations (eh, not that intense) and after the showcase this summer I’m going to run into some problems. You see, I’ve already paid for my belly dancing through June/mid-July, and that’s how I can afford the Flamenco. I put $18.60 into my dance account each week. Classes (for each studio/dance) are $15 a week. I’ll either have to cut somewhere else in my budget, or….I’m going to have to give up some classes somewhere [gasp]! I have time to figure this out, but if I have to cut back its going to be tough deciding WHAT to cut.

-I think its adorable seeing co-workers suddenly interacting with their children. You kind of get to see a different side of them and remember that they ARE human beings. =]

I have a really busy day lined up, so I’m hoping the day goes by quickly! (Although Friday isn’t going to be pretty, so I’m not exactly sure why I’m so excited about it…)

Enjoy your Thursday!