What a week….and what a morning! I woke up an hour late this morning, and so I arrived at work about an hour late. Oops. =[  Luckily I think they have some pity for me because of my nearly 2-hour commute. Anyway, this has been a super busy week and combined with it being a short week for me its FLOWN by. Unfortunately my money has flown me by as well, lol. Next week will have to be a lean week….whether I like it or not! Here’s last week’s spending: 

Starting Balance -$18.34
4/17 Deposit $63.00 ($44.66 left)
4/17 McDonald’s $5.66 ($39.00 left)
4/19 Walmart $19.79 ($19.21 left)
4/20 Starbucks $3.00 ($16.21 left)
4/20 Forever 21 $9.63 ($6.58 left)
4/20 Dance Class $15.00 (-$8.42 left)
4/21 Subway $5.35 (-$13.77 left)
4/22 Burger King $2.14 (-$15.91left)
4/22 Moe’s $7.42 (-$23.33 left)

That leaves me with $39.67 for all of next week. That means no Burger King, Taco Bell, Moe’s….none of that! I think I’m gaining weight again, so if I get back to eating well its a win-win.

A few things I’m doing this weekend: taking my last Intermediate 2 Bellydance class (after this I’m “advanced”!), another pool party, making a final decision about committing to a second dance performance/costume, thinking about an apartment I saw yesterday (post about that coming soon), possibly attending a Relay for Life tonight (depending on how exhausted I am after today’s commute), picking up race packets for my office team, and attending a small concert at a club with the BF (watching one of his friends perform!). I don’t think I’ll be spending much this weekend, so let’s hope I have some leftover money by this time next week!