I think April was a good month. I cut back a bit on trying to take on everything at once, but in the end some of those things snuck back in (like “house hunting”, hehe). I feel as though I’m taking things easier, and it was a lot less stressful than March (until this week). Incidentally, I went over budget more often in April, but that’s ok. I’m still happy with how things went overall.

  April Goals

1. Finish reading two books from my collection. Success! I read “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, and “Mansfield Park”.While I haven’t been reading at such a fast pace as in the past months, I still got my goal done! I started reading “The Republic of Tea”, but I’m unsure if I want to keep reading it. While the portion I’m currently reading has kind of lost my interest, I’m worried that in skipping it I’ll miss out on something good at the end! Boo. We’ll see what I do with this one….

2. Have financing ready for lease buyout. Set appointment with car dealership…or whatever it is I need to do. I got LOTS of stuff done for this goal! I’m so proud of myself!
Open account at local credit union. Account opened! 
Schedule an inspection (just in case)SCHEDULED! It’s on 4/27. Done!
Call credit union for car deals , Done, and I can get a better deal through Amex  
Check dealer websites for car pricing (Honda and Toyota) Done, better through credit union or Amex
-Compare with Amex car comparison pricing Done, but will have to re-check if I don’t make a purchase by 4/30 to reflect any changes in incentives
Visit dealers to test drive, done!
Woot! Total success!!

3. Pay off “Personal Debt”. (Just under $100). (About $25/week) [Prior – $50, Week 1 – $24.38, Week 2 – $0, Total – $74.38] Ok, I feel like I cheated on this one. I used my tax refund to pay off the remaining $71.66. I’d still like to save $25 in week 4 and put it aside for upcoming expenses (such as a pizza peel, or better yet….a SWORD!) [ Week 3 – $0, Week 4 – $0, Week 5 – ? Hm, not as good…]
Verdict: Success!

4. File my taxes. (That’s kind of cheating since I HAVE TO do it, but it’ll give me something to cross off halfway through the month.) I’m DONE!!! And with time to spare…success!

Another total success in April! Weee!!

Now, onto May….lots of exciting things should happen in May. I’ll have a new car by the end of it (let’s hope!) and after that I’m free to move on full-swing into the home search. Scary, but kind of exciting. So, here are my goals for next month….

May Goals

1. Finish reading two books. I’m mixing things up and reading the first book from the library as opposed to my personal collection, “The Republic of Tea” (although I’m no longer sure if I want to complete reading it) followed up by “The Little Prince” (french version).

2. Buy a car. I have three main options: 1) Keep mine, 2) Civic, or 3) Corolla; obtain financing (I’m set at the credit union, only need to fax the purchase order, and if the dealership has a better option I’m sure they’ll take care of it right then and there); set appointment w/ Honda to turn in or transfer car.

3. Update car insurance. (As soon as I figure out what car I’m keeping! Absolute deadline is May 22, although I’m hoping this gets done sooner.)

4. Patch up the Fatboy.

5. Save enough to pay for dance costume, $100, from Fun Money. ($25/week) (Must. be. disciplined!)

6. Apply for a passport. 1)  find old passport (mom says she has it on hand), 2) complete application (partially done. Need old passport), 3) take picture, 4) submit and pay! I’ll be ready for Mexico Europe in no time! (Sorry, mean joke….I don’t have any trips planned at all, in case anyone wanted to know.)

Wish me luck, if my brain feels like it does now throughout all of May I’m going to have a REALLY hard time getting these things done. Let’s hope it can go back to its early-April state!