Have I mentioned this week felt like a mess? Well, it did. I was emotional the whole time, needless to say my eating was all over the place and that means I didn’t pack my lunches, and that means that I didn’t have a whole lot of money left at the end. Perhaps I should focus on the fact that I did have a little bit of money left? Maybe I’ll do just that…

Starting Balance -$23.33
4/24 Deposit $63.00 ($39.67 left)
4/24 Taco Bell $4.47 ($35.20 left)
4/25 Taco Bell $7.33 ($27.87 left)
4/28 McDonald’s $5.66 ($22.21 left)
4/29 Moe’s $8.72 ($13.49 left)
4.29 Groceries $3.97 ($9.52 left)
4/30 McDonald’s $5.66 ($3.86 left)

So today is the first day of May. I have high expectations for this month. Not that I have a tons of things I’m going to get done, but my mind has been feeling so muddled as of late and I’m ready let all that go and maybe, perhaps, I can enjoy some things again. (I’m being a bit over dramatic this morning. Maybe its because I’m still utterly exhausted from last night’s race. I went to bed a little after 10:30 and didn’t wake up until 7am. My legs feel like they’re made of lead, and I wish I could crawl back into bed. Maybe I’ll crawl up under my desk?)

So, to kick off May I’ve got a jam-packed weekend. In a good way, of course.

Friday night….”First Friday”! Hopefully my legs loosen up a bit and I’m not as exhausted so that we can go out and walk through all the art galleries tonight.

Saturday – Wake up early, exercise, head out for a quick mystery shop (my first for 2009!), perhaps get in a trip to the car dealership?, in the evening celebrate a cousin’s graduation. (By the way, Bank of America is offering that same museum special this weekend. Free admission to card/account holders.)

Sunday – Wake up early, exercise, botanical garden with sister and puppy, dance class, dance workshop

Dang, typing it up like that makes it seem so much shorter. =[  Oh, and I just realized I didn’t include laundry in there anywhere. I really need to!! (I mean, REALLY need to)

Have a good weekend, and an excellent May!