Not too many updates to give, which is pretty much the reason why you haven’t seen a lot of postings this week. However, there’s always tons of stuff swimming around in my head, so I thought I’d share that instead…

  • No new car yet. I thought by now I’d have given in and gone in for negotiations because I can get really impatient, but the past weekends haven’t allowed much time. Besides, now that we’re in May I don’t have that “end of month” pressure (although that may not be a good thing), and I’ll feel less paranoid about making a decision with such a close deadline. On the other hand I have until the 22nd. After that my lease is over!!! I’ll probably be stopping by at least one dealership this weekend.
  • In case anyone was interested, I’m taking a “break” from running (well, that was my primary workout, but its not like I was running that much to begin with) and I started the 30 Day Shred. I just completed Day 5 this morning!
  • I took out $30 in cash last week….and I’ve already spent it all! I actually spent the last of it yesterday. I still don’t know if having cash makes me spend less or more. I go back and forth on this one. I feel like it just disappears from my wallet….
  • Work: super busy! I guess that’s good, but I’m having a little trouble getting used to juggling this many projects back and forth. Its something I’m guessing I’ll just have to get used to over time.
  • Dance class again tonight. I may get to take my costume home tonight!!!! I hope so, I’m very excited to try it on with the alterations. I can’t forget to take my checkbook though! ([sigh] $191 all at once. I think that’s the most expensive “article of clothing” I’ve ever bought.)
  • I’ve been eating out so much this past week it’s embarrassing. I’ve had way too many Big Mac’s and Crunchwraps that I think I’ve negated any working out I’ve done, lol.
  • Some drama at a friend’s home has really made me start thinking about things. It’s very similar to the situation we had at home a year and a half ago, except ours was short-lived. Anyway, I feel terribly for my friend and I’m SO bad at giving advice/support about these kind of things….partly because to this day I haven’t been able to sort out my feelings about the whole thing as it related to me. I know that’s vague, but I’d feel awkward giving more info….yet its good to vent just a tiny bit. =]
  • I graduated from college exactly THREE years ago, as of yesterday. I can’t believe its been that long. I’m not exactly unhappy where I am, but I’m definitely not where I thought I’d be.

Kinda boring (ok, really boring), but that’s all I have for now….have a good Thursday!