Even though I’ve been eating fast food like crazy this week, I managed to have leftover money!!! Maybe there is something to this “cash method”? Or perhaps that’s just because the BF treated me a few times? hehe.

5/1 Deposit $63.00
5/1 Cash $30.00 ($33.00 left)
5/6 Taco Bell $10.21 ($22.79 left)
5/7 Subway $6.84 ($15.95 left)

I’m nearly $10 below my $25/week goal, but I still have another three weeks to make up for that. This upcoming week I should plan to do some groceries, and get a little creative with my lunches. I know I say that every week, but I’m hoping eventually it’ll stick and I’ll actually do it. As for the weekend….

Tonight: galleries! The part of town where we’re going actually doesn’t have too many galleries, but there is one furniture store I really like. Maybe I’ll go in and design my dream living room in my head….and then we can stop by for some ice cream with my BOGO free coupon. Mmmm…

Saturday: Car dealership, perhaps? It feels so strange to not have a concrete plan. Other than that, I need to do laundry, store all the laundry I did last week, and figure out what I’m making for mother’s day so that I can start baking it. I’m thinking either mini cake-bites, or cinnamon rolls. (With the cake bites I’d have to go out and buy some candy melts, so I’m leaning towards cinnamon rolls.) I’m also going to make some creme brulee for my aunt.

Sunday: Mother’s Day! We’ll probably have a brunch planned, and then I still have my dance class later that afternoon. Unfortunately they didn’t cancel it, and I can’t miss it! I’m a bit behind with the choreography as it is. If I’m lucky my costume will be back from being altered and I can retry it or take it home!

Speaking of which….I picked up my first costume last night. I’m so excited! It was a little bit over what I kept telling myself (it was $198 instead of $191….I don’t know where I got the $191 from). I tried it on after the alterations and I’m super excited to wear it again!! I’ll probably prance around the house in it next time I’m alone, lol. The alterations were cheaper than what I was expecting, $23 for BOTH. After that I’ll only need to pay for jewelry, but I’m thinking it’ll be less than $30 for both. (It better be!)

That’s all I have for now. Have a great weekend!!