Wow. What a terrible week. Lately I’ve found myself slipping back into bad habits. Maybe some of you can relate? You know, charging stuff, ignoring the receipt, pretending it didn’t happen, fantasizing about NOT CARING AT ALL. [sigh] How lovely would it be to not care?! It would be fantastic!

That is, until you face reality again. And sadly its always worse when you face it again.

Fortunately I haven’t completely slipped away. I may have ignored a receipt or two, but luckily they’ve just been small charges for a bag of chips or similarly small purchases (in the end I logged them and have included them in my spending). Most of the time I’m pretty good about these things, but all it takes is a slip up and its all downhill from there. I’m trying to do everything “right” while still not being too hard on myself. So what if I didn’t make my $25/week goal this time? (Or in my case, for about the gazillionth week in a row) There’s no reason to torment myself. Be conscious, plan a little better, but move along.

Anyway, onto my spending…  🙂

5/8 Deposit $63.00
5/8 Alterations $23.00 ($40.00 left)
5/9 Whole Foods $5.84 ($34.16 left)
5/9 Groceries $14.08 ($20.08 left)
5/12 Whole Foods $2.79 ($17.29 left)
5/14 Subway $5.35 ($11.94 left)
5/14 Taco Bell $4.59 ($7.35 left)

So far this month, including what I’m using from my taxes I have saved (for the purchase of one of my dance costumes) $90.50 + $7.35 (week 2) = $97.85. I still have over $70 more to save. =[  I’ll get there eventually. The good part is that I took care of my alterations for the costumes right away, instead of including them in the amount I need to save up to. All that’s left to pay for is the jewelry (apart from the $70+ I need to raise, of course).  Have I mentioned I already got one of them back? I love it!  Those things are built like armor, so I have to get used to doing certain movements while wearing it.

This weekend I should be keeping pretty busy. This afternoon (apart from driving around doing an errand for work) I’m going to Whole Foods (yes, again). They’re having a cookout! The very first one I went to was awesome and they had a bunch of free food….I’m hoping maybe tonight will be a repeat. Even if its not, their samples are usually pretty good anyway.

Later tonight I’ve got reservations to that restaurant I’ve been wanting to go to forever (last time we didn’t have reservations and there was a 2 hour wait). I’m going with the BF, one of our friends, and a friend of theirs that is in town for the weekend. Should be fun.

Saturday’s wide open, although I think I’ll be taking care of my car once and for all. I don’t want to say much more because I don’t want to jinx anything, but I can’t wait to get all this out of the way.

On Sunday there’s an event downtown that I want to go to. I’ve been saying I’m going since the first one in November, but I haven’t. This is the last one of the season, and I’ve got to go!! Even if its by myself! After that is my dance class (yay! I’ve been practicing this time around!), followed by a workshop (with SWORDS! I hope I get one all to myself for the class!).

And that would conclude my weekend.

I hope you have a good one!