It’s true! I finally did it!

It was a slow and painful ordeal (well, at least I thought so) but with the help of my sister I made it! After months of indecision, I finally came up with a winner and I’m really happy with my decision.

Let me back up to this past Thursday. For a few weeks before that my sister had been speaking to a guy at the Honda dealership that had actually leased me my car three years ago. She knew I was leaning towards the Corolla, but this guy was working with her towards a Civic. A day or two before the end of April he had quoted her $14,900 for a Civic LX. The price wasn’t bad, so I told her if he could work the price down a little I’d be happy. After she told him we couldn’t make it in before the end of the month he said to come in later on anyway and he’d work with us.

Well, I left work early on Thursday to go to the dealership and talk to the guy. He showed us the car, I drove it again and we started talking numbers. The first sign of trouble was when he played dumb about the $14,900 number. “Oh, I don’t remember quoting you that!” Then eventually “well, it must have been for the 2 door”, I had specifically remembered my sister calling me several times to confirm that I did NOT want a two door, so that was crap. In the end he switched over to “well, we had an additional rebate that we don’t have this month.” I was pissed, we were about to walk out when they called us crazy for saying that I had a Corolla quoted for $14,355. I wasn’t lying, and showed them my proof (thanks Amex!)

In the end (after many rounds of the guy talking our ears off about nothing, and perhaps only 5 minutes of talking about the car I wanted to buy) he said to go to Toyota, because they couldn’t match that price.

I was pissed. Not because they couldn’t match the price, but because they convinced us to drive all the way down there for a price that they pretended they had never quoted us. I was more than happy to go to Toyota.

On the way back home we stopped at the nearby Toyota Dealership. I was tired, but the sales guy that was helping insisted on going to find “the car” first. They didn’t have too many LEs left, so I had the option between red and black. Already this wasn’t looking good. To make a long story short we sat down with the guy, after a while of us playing dumb and insisting that we wanted a lower price (and for the LE, without them downgrading to a CE) he got down to $14,595. I said I’d sleep on it.

In the end I decided I’d rather go with a Corolla than a Civic. The drive was smoother, they were cheaper to begin with, and I was sick of those Honda guys. As for the color, that red was growing on me….so, we decided to go back on Saturday for the car.

Saturday afternoon my sister and her husband picked me up, and off we went. We met the same sales guy and went to their garage to find the car I’d driven. More trouble: they had sold it this morning! Fortunately there was ONE red car left with a grey interior (I hadn’t liked the beige) so we went to check that one out. We got the keys, found it, opened it, and was greeted with the fresh scent of…..cigarettes!! (Note: I do not smoke, I very much dislike the smell of smoke. There’s no way I was going to take that smokey car.) Crap.

Again, to spare you all the details I had two options: have them thoroughly clean the car for me and hope the smell came out (oh, and did I mention it had 250 miles on it?), OR I could consider an XLE instead, OR I could go to another dealership (I guess that’s three options). The XLE was priced around $1,000 more. I decided to consider the XLE.

So, we sat back down with the numbers guy, and his final quote: $15,150. Only $550 more than the LE.

As you may have guessed, I took the XLE. In the long run I probably won’t notice the extra $550, and I did end up getting a nice car than I would have otherwise. I consider that a good thing. Besides, I was way too tired of sales guys to go to another dealer.

We ran across a few more setbacks going through the final steps, (they had previously insisted that I only had to pay tax and tag, but apparently title was included in that too….and that was an extra $600. Sneaky bastards!) but my sister got them to include “free” car mats because of the misunderstanding (valued at $120 according to them, so that means I would’ve walked out of there with no mats?!!! Crazy). The financing guy kept giving us funny/exasperated looks when we insisted on reading everything we were signing (isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?!), and I had a splitting headache due to hunger for the last 2 hours of the ordeal.

In the end it took us 4 hours, but I signed the “dotted line”, they handed over the keys, and I drove home in a brand new car! MY car!!!!

Next: turn in my lease car! (That’s right, I have TWO cars. Now how many 24 year olds can say that!) 😉