I turned in my old car this morning. I’m relieved to finally be back down to one car, but I was a little sad as I drove away, and then I felt like a jerk as I drove to work in my shiny new car. I feel as thought I’ve been unfaithful. I hope it goes to a good home.

In all the hubub of car shopping I haven’t shared a few things with you all. In typical manner, I’ll share them in bullet form!

  • I’ll start with my downpayment. I’d saved up $5,000 months ago, so it felt really nice to go in there without worrying about it. I simply charged it all to my card and when the bank transfer and charges cleared (today) I simply paid it all off at once. The best part is I just earned $50 in rewards automatically!! (I won’t be getting the actual money for another two months or so though.) Hmm….I wonder what I’ll be spending that on….
  • I got my new Visa rewards card, and I realized that the rewards are crap. lol. Oh well. I’m not too concerned because I still have my Amex rewards (I love cash back!) but at least I have another option when Amex isn’t accepted.
  • I checked my student loan statements this weekend on a whim, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that my interest has been lowered!!! (They had promised three years ago, that after 36 consecutive automatic payment they’d lower them an additional 1%, to 2.37%. I didn’t quite believe that they’d do that without a fight, but they did!!) I was wondering if my payment would also be lowered, but incidentally I received my new statement via email today. The payment amount was NOT lowered, but at least now more of my money will go towards the principal.
  • Now that I’m done with cars I can technically start looking at apartments again!!
  • My dad actually saw my “Fixer Upper” this past weekend. He was showing it to a client who didn’t like it (how could they?!! only further testament to how its meant to be mine…..if it wasn’t for that high property tax rate), but he did! He thought it had a nice layout and has potential, but then again he didn’t notice the leak by the balcony. He’s looking into getting someone to inspect it for me for free (or next to nothing).
  • My car insurance went up a little because of the new car. Only $12. Except that now brings me to almost $725 for just 6 months. [sigh] I wish there weren’t so many idiots with cars in this town….
  • I’m now wondering how much my credit score will go down because of my new car loan. I’ll have to wait a few weeks until its been reported, and then I’ll check out credit Karma. (What would you guess, 30 days until the loan has been reported? Any less?)
  • When I originally  checked out my score at credit karma they estimated a 780 credit score. At the dealer (based on Equifax) they said I had a 770. I wonder if that loan pre-approval at the Credit Union made it go down (and by how much) or if Credit Karma is generally 10 points off? I’d been meaning to look into that (how “off” CK usually is), but I keep forgetting…
  • This is kinda random, but we really need to clean up our fridge at home!! There’s so much random stuff in there, I need to get creative and make meals out of seemingly incompatible ingredients…
  • I got a letter from my health insurance company telling me that my doctor was leaving the plan. And I just scheduled an appointment!!! I need to call and see what’ll happen from here….either I’ll have to pay out of pocket (I wonder how much that’ll be?) or I’ll have to find a new doctor. [sigh] And she was a good doctor, too! =[
  • My room is a horrid mess. I think its time to leave it. Or get rid of half my stuff. I keep saying that, but its so much harder to do than it sounds!!! I need to get an unbiased assistant that will be able to help me PURGE!

And that concludes my update for now. I hope everyone’s having a good week.