I did much better this week….

5/15 Deposit $63.00
5/15 McDonalds $4.59 ($58.41 left)
5/17 Wendy’s $2.98 ($55.43 left)
5/18 Taco Bell $3.39 ($52.04 left)
5/19 Pollo Tropical $3.18 ($48.86 left)
5/21 Subway $1.49 ($47.37 left)

Much better. Relatively, that is. (Hey, at least I didn’t have fast food repeats in there!) Although it was only possible because the BF paid for dinner on Friday night, and a few rounds of fast food (um, ok, so maybe I did have Taco Bell at least three different times…)  I really need to cook more.

So let’s see where that leaves me…$97.85 + $47.37 = $145.22. Only $25.78 left!!! Considering that I’ll probably be taking the 2nd costume home this Sunday, I’m just going to pay for it and take those remaining $25 from my weekly spending, and the worries will be behind me!!! Now I just need to get back to my exercising so I can lose a few pounds before the big day, lol.

The BF keeps asking what happened with my idea for my new business, and every time he asks I come up with the excuse that I needed to sit back and wait until other more important issues are resolved. I still feel like I shouldn’t dive into it like I wanted to do before….at least not until I figure out where I stand in my home search. But then again I think part of it is that I want to chicken out. I’m going to give it another shot and think about things….possibly starting with planning what exactly it is I’m going to sell, and what is doable considering I’ll be working out of my parents kitchen. Anyway, just a thought….otherwise it sounds like he wants to steal my idea, and I can’t let that happen!

Its a long weekend, but we have no plans apart from my dance class on Sunday. I kinda want to stop by the mall, but I don’t really have high expectations. I’d also like to get my passport picture out of the way, so I should try and get that done as well.

I’m hoping its a productive and enjoyable weekend…I hope you have a good one too!