Last recap for the month of May. Time really does fly by when you’re keeping busy…

5/22 Deposit $63.00
5/22 Local Diner $13.00 ($50.00 left)
5/23 Macy’s $13.84 ($36.16 left)
5/23 DSW $8.54 ($27.672 left)
5/25 Wendy’s $2.98 ($24.64 left)
5/26 Panera $1.26 ($23.38 left)
5/26 Grocery $7.06 ($16.32 left)

You may have noticed I went shopping last weekend! It was quite an interesting excursion, and in the end I didn’t do much damage but ended up with some new pieces I wouldn’t have imagined myself buying, but I really ended up liking (plus, the prices helped!)  I also decided last weekend that I was going to try having a carb-free week this week. Just to get myself in line. Hopefully that means not as much eating junk, but I did have to make a mid-week trip to the grocery store.

My sister and her husband put in an offer for a house this week. Looking at the house they want to buy I started to feel a bit jealous….I know I can’t compare our circumstances (she’s older, a doctor, married, etc.), but still….they want to buy nearly 3x as much house. I wonder if I’ll ever get to that point. Not that I feel I need to have so much house….but I can’t help but think about that. She went over to our house to fill out the contract and to discuss financing with my dad. I sat around while they were filling it out, and I’m glad I did. I had no idea so many details were involved, and hopefully I’ll be a little more prepared when its finally my turn.

Speaking of houses….I’m back in that back and forth pattern I always get stuck in. I look at the same neighborhoods I usually do, get slightly frustrated at the lack of inspiration I get (and the masses of mediocre places that are listed). Then my sister talks to me and sends me a bunch of house listings. Some actually look good, but I’m afraid they’re a little higher than what I’d like. I’m talking $200k up. Sure, I could make a lower offer, but I don’t want to set myself up for a huge disappointment. We’ll see what happens. We have a list that I sent to my agent, and we should be seeing some of them really soon. Its just really emotionally draining for me. I’m seriously considering just renting somewhere….but it would feel like failure since I’d be “giving up”.

I’m ready to say goodbye to May. I thought it would get better, and it has been better than April, but I still feel a bit….drained, I guess. Its always something else: when I finish this project at work, when I buy my car, when I lose 10 pounds, when I buy a house….there will always be something there to serve as an excuse. [sigh]

To end on a brighter note, I had $16 left over this week! Now that I’m done with my costume buying I get to put my money towards something new! Perhaps a pizza peel? I think that’s what I’ll do!