May Goals

1. Finish reading two books. FAIL! I started with reading “The Little Prince”, which is written in French. I started off strong, but since I have to read it with a French/English dictionary next to me, its a bit harder to get into and so I lost a little bit of momentum. I still want to finish reading it though….

2. Buy a car. I did it!! I thought it’d never happen after just a few setbacks (yeah, I’m an “all or nothing” thinker), but with my sister’s help I got through it. I turned in my old car, and although I’m technically still waiting for their invoice (for any potential damages I need to cover….the estimate said I owed $0), I consider this DONE.

3. Update car insurance. DONE! It even went down $100!!! Its now around $600 for 6 months. So happy!

4. Patch up the Fatboy. Um, FAIL. No time for this! The good news is that my mom was able to hem a couple pairs of pants. Now I have “new” clothes (that still fits! yay!)

5. Save enough to pay for dance costume, $171, from Fun Money.If you get really picky and technical, I didn’t exactly do it with my “fun money”, BUT I did accumulate enough money to pay for the costume! Some came from taxes, some came from my rewards card. I consider this DONE!

6. Apply for a passport. Ok, technically a FAIL. However I did make progress! I filled out the application, and found out where I can get a good deal on the photos. Now I just need to get dolled up for the picture. =[

3 out of 6. Kinda sad, but considering one of those was a $12,000 purchase I’m ok with it! (Ignore the fact that it HAD to get done this month….give me some credit here!)

June Goals

1. Read one business related book. I’ve got quite a few to chose from at home. My goal is to read one of the books, and that will possibly get me fired up enough to get out there and start my business again!

2. House shopping. This terrifies me, still, only because its such a huge thing. I’ve been talking about it for ages….now its time to really take action (without having other things as an excuse). To be more quantitative my goal is to see at least one house a week. I’m also going to start considering rentals. More on that later.

3. Buy a pizza peel and zester using ONLY Fun Money. Being a little more strict with this than last month….they’re cheaper, plus I’m thinking of it as a fun little challenge to see how fast I can do this. Shouldn’t be too hard if I eat well. (Based on some previous good weeks I could get this done in the first week if I’m disciplined!) Does anyone have pizza peel or zester recommendations?

4. Take 1 sewing lesson. I’m setting the bar pretty low here. Shouldn’t be hard to do (I mean finding time for the lesson, not the actual sewing), but you never know…