We’re in June, hurricane season has started, and my birthday is coming up soon….eeek! I’m turning 25 in a month!

Anyway, thanks again to everyone that has commented on my last two posts. It may seem silly to some that I’m freaking out so much, but I feel that I’ve been living a pseudo-adult life the past three years, and this will be my first “adult” decision….and that’s big for me. Reading your opinions and ideas has helped put me at peace, in a way. Assuming I find an actual apartment at $1,200 (or lower) that is within walking distance to work, I think that’s the route I’m going to choose. You only live once, right? I figure I won’t get a chance to (nor maybe want to) later in my life if I buy a place now. So what if prices go up? I hope to be in better financial shape by then.

Back to my spending…well, the good news is I didn’t eat out as much as in other weeks. The bad news, I still went over budget.

5/29 Deposit $63.00
5/29 Cash $20.00 ($43.00 left)
5/29 BBQ place $34.41 ($8.59 left)
6/1 Groceries $27.75 (-$19.16 left)

No money for the pizza peel this week!

I’m trying to remember what I spent all that cash on. I know I had two Wendy’s chilis (and one time I treated the BF), so that may have been about $10. I had to buy an emergency yogurt and energy bar before dance class on another occasion (another $3?), and then I forgot my lunch on Tuesday and spent $7 on a Panera sandwich. By the way, I’d never tried their tuna salad sandwich before….and it was delicious! Too bad its almost $7. Definitely not an every day treat. So that pretty much accounts for my cash.

The biggest reason I haven’t been “fastfooding” as much (and believe me, I’ve wanted to) is I promised myself no nasty carbs this week (I’m still eating fruits and veggies as carbs though). I’ve noticed when I set “strict”  guidelines I’m less likely to make those poor decisions (I kinda cheated with the Panera and cheetos at my cousin’s daughter’s party) . Of course, I still waver sometimes, but the temptation is less great. Seems like a contradiction, but it works for me.

Now…I’m craving a hotdog this weekend. And lucky me, I got a coupon for a free pack of hotdogs in the mail yesterday!! (I’ll post the link as soon as I find it again.) Anyone ever tried a Colombian hotdog?! Mmmm….pink sauce (ketchup and mayo), pinapple, garlic sauce (depends where you go), shredded cheese or parmesan, crushed potato chips, all over a delicious hotdog!! Gotta get me some of that!

I should be celebrating at least two high school graduations this weekend, so just with that my schedule’s kinda full. I’m also really hoping I get to see some apartments….I’m starting to get impatient!

Have a good weekend!