I go through a series of ups and downs on a regular basis. I blame it on my being easily excited, and basically obsessing on certain things.  It makes for some interesting days. Either way, its Friday afternoon, so naturally I have a few things to be excited about….

  • They finally opened up the grocery store across the street from my office building. Which would also be my “local” grocery store if I was to move into the area. We’ve been waiting for this store to open for a few years!
  • Since they opened the new store they had a lunch special….a hot dog and a soda for $1!!! That took care of my hot dog craving! And lunch….since I forgot to pack lunch again. Granted, it wasn’t a decadent Colombian hotdog, but it was still good with just ketchup, mayo, and spicy brown mustard! (Now…back to my “no carbs” for at least the rest of the afternoon, lol)
  • I’ve got cash. I always feel so responsible when I have cash on me.
  • I’m slowly catching up with stuff at work. Slowly. Kinda. (Gotta look at the bright side, right?)
  • Possible apartment hunting this weekend?
  • Birthday party tonight, possible concert tonight (with belly dancing!!!), and graduation party tomorrow.
  • Ikea catalog sitting in my room. Waiting to be opened up for apartment planning. (Maybe thats not such a great idea? hehe)
  • I can’t help but feel that I keep setting myself up for disappointment by mentioning apartment stuff over and over again….but if I move into the city it would be the perfect excuse for me to get a bike!!! I don’t dare expand on it too much right now, but oh, the possibilities!
  • No dance class this weekend. That’s a bummer in itself, but I’m looking forward to practicing and perfecting the choreography on my own!
  • I have to start practicing dance makeup for the performance!! (I haven’t performed in at least 10 years!) The date is coming up so quickly! Now, the only question is when to practice….lol.
  • Did I mention my birthday is coming up next month? If I plan things well I can move by July 1st (…there I go again…), and possibly have a nice 25th birthday get together at my place. How exciting would that be?!

I’ll stop there for your sake.

What are you excited about lately?